Sunday, December 8, 2019

About Town 12/8/19

This week's photos of Columbia

 Santa's sneaking around already.

 There's a lot happening here on the 300 block of Cherry Street.

 The Hole . . .
Just make it into a tourist attraction and be done with it.

And what is this contraption again?
(200 block of Cherry)

 Coming . . . when?

 Li'l lost grocery cart
(Commerce Street)

This one was put into a cage, and there weren't even any children in it.

 15 miles per hour
Or is it 5?
Could be 5.

 Li'l lost scooter

 What looks like a gift wrapped for Christmas is really an air conditioner wrapped for winter.

 Time for a new flag - whenever this one gets unstuck.

 These poor immigrants seem to be expecting.

 You must stop here, especially if you're a mail carrier.
 When they get this big, it's time to call TES Exterminating on 4th Street.


 Deck the roof rack.

 This local business seems to be doing well.

 Liquid concrete was pumped upstairs at 4th & Locust this past week.
(Shown above and below)

 Some guys were looking around at 14 Lancaster Avenue the other day.

 Blowin' in the wind at the bridge plaza

O say, can you see...?

 The felling of trees at the former Colonial Metals Property, now CMX.

 And there were a lot of dumpsters lined up out there, too.

 Seen "flying" in the 600 block of Avenue H

 Emergency call?

 The water company is digging up the town square.

 Christmas wreaths on South 5th

 Mallards hiding out in Shawnee Run

 Patch job at Florence and Mill

 This appears to be a forgotten alleyway, but it runs at least from Florence Street to 9th Street.

 Vulture on the cross

 Leaf blowing in progress

 It wasn't that long ago that this branch of the Union Community Bank moved out of Columbia.

 Last December, in fact

 Fortunately, we still have the Columbia Organ Works.

 Their pipes are on display.

 Road work on Bridge Street

 This conveyance was seen on the Veterans Memorial Bridge on Saturday.

 Is it street legal?

 Who knows, but the driver/rider was pedaling mightily.

 He wasn't able to keep up with traffic, however.

 A line of seagulls was waiting up ahead.

 Looks like Santa is getting set up at the Columbia bridge plaza, as he does every year.

 This guy seemed to be in the holiday spirit as he waved to passing motorists.

 Manor Street Apartments

 Half & half

 Choose your ride:
Taxi: $20
Police: $1800

 Possible conditions

Office of the District Attorney of Lancaster County

More crosses of Columbia:

Salem United Church of Christ

 Saint Paul Evangelical Lutheran

Saint John's Evangelical Lutheran

Holy Trinity Church

 Saint Paul's Baptist Church

Victory Church

The last four are at Saint James Lutheran Church:


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Monitors pressure abd flow in the gas main

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