Sunday, December 29, 2019

About Town 12/29/19

This week's photos of Columbia

Pole painter at 5th & Cherry

12/19/19 - 04/01/2020

 Decked out for the season

 This one, too

 Even the poodle got in on the act.

 Beauty strip with moss in the cracks -
Life finds a way.

The saga of the wandering grocery cart...

 At the pavilion at Columbia River Park

 Down by the kayak launch

 Under the bridge


 Grease theft is illegal.
Who knew?
Who would want it?

 Organic handmade soaps for sale at Mullen Books

 125 North 3rd for sale

 2,000+ year-old infant

 Laurel Hill

 It's always good to have a set of wheels for a clean getaway.

 All lit up and sparkly


 Falling down already

 A sign of the season

 Who damaged the playground fence at Park Elementary/Locust Street Park?

 And the block border around the gazebo

 This is why we can't have nice things.

 Spiffy mailbox near the post office

 But where are the pickup times and dates?

 Over at 4th & Locust ... Is that the fire hydrant hidden behind the barriers?

 Sure looks like. What ever happened to the practice of not blocking the hydrant?

 New mailboxes?

 At least their offices are getting a redo.

 Nick Mills shrine at 3rd & Walnut

 Pink Floyd may have had better days.

 Changing times

 Time passes step by step

 One of the three wise guys

 A Christmas present?
Street sweeping with no tickets issued

 Guys in an undercover boat looking for ducks to shoot

 Looking over the 401-403 Locust Street project

 This could almost pass for modern art

The Locust Street Park tree-cutting project...

 Doug's Tree Service at Locust Street Park

 They took down a large tree there this week.

 Going, going ...


The wood is stacked on the Park Elementary playground.

 For safe keeping, one assumes


 Just throw your ashes down the storm drain, why don't you?!
(Plane Street & Avenue W)

 Three engines down at the tracks

 And one all by its lonesome

 New railroad ties for the cause

 Man at work on South 4th

 Yes, pay it.

 Yoda on South 5th
Standing guard he is.

 Caught conspiring

 Foggy morning

 Vultures at 4th & Locust

 Night falls over Columbia

Starlight star bright


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