Sunday, December 22, 2019

About Town 12/22/19

This week's photos of Columbia

 Lost in reverie
(4th & Locust)

 Back to work

Another load of drywall

OK, that's good.

 Innovative way to recycle those Halloween pumpkins


 A horse is a horse, of course, of course - except when it's a hitching post

 Someone skipped class that day.

 Old and not-as-old

 The way across

 Falling water

 Patterns, complete with tributaries

 There they are - at the steps under the bridge

 Shop small

 Activity at 4th & Chestnut

 Here and gone

 Pipe in the ground, now apparently full of leaves and other debris

 Sticker shock

 Just off Manor

 Lovely meters

 Back in 30 min.

 At the former Poplar Street School

 PPL on Bridge Street

 Adding lines?

 Several trucks near Floyd's of Leadville

 More stuff at Floyd's

This means YOU, smoking smoker who was smoking there the other day.

 Messages at Saint Paul's Episcopal:

 Inside the market

 Folding up at Living Stones

 Workin' on the railroad

 All the live long day

 Over at Blueprints

 Ready for Christmas

For when you want to wrestle with pigs

 The hole is filled.

 Let's hope this isn't connected.

Sittin' pretty?

Many photos of ice at the river this week:

And last but not least...

 What fresh hell is this?

Some sort of makeshift shack in Avenue H?
[Submitted photos]

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