Sunday, December 15, 2019

About Town 12/16/19

This week's photos of Columbia

 Awww, he's so thirsty he had to drink from the creek.

That face looks familiar.
Could it be...?
Nah . . .

Or could it?!!!

 Santa's hiding back there.

 But next day, there he was, checking on wish lists.

 Yet another of the thousands of photos of the bridge

 New look for the chief's car

 Christmas bells


 NO PARKING 12/9/2019 - 2/9/2020

 Filling the hole at the bottom of Locust

 Packin' it down

 A spectator watches the action.

 Another truckload

 Bat in the belfry

 Patriotic Bobcat

 Creche at the Columbia Church of God

 In some places, Halloween's still hanging around.

 Christmas basket

 Spindly reindeer

 Line of stars at Lloyd Mifflin's house

 Speaking of Lloyd Mifflin, here's one of his landscapes, complete with atmospheric perspective.
Just kidding. It's a rubber bumper on one of the docks stored under the bridge at River Park.

 Construction is still going on at the LGH facility on North 7th.

 Note the changes in traffic patterns.

 Gone for good?

 In a row

 Paintball practice?
(From last week)

 That's one way to block the street.

 There it goes - the wrong way at the bridge plaza.

 It was heading towards Santa's encampment but then backed up again.

 Coupla guys out at the Civil War pier

 More progress at Floyd's of Leadville on Bridge Street

 Tracks in the snow

 Santa has the power to change the course of traffic.

 There's his encampment now at Rotary Park.

 Unfortunately, he doesn't have the power of correct spelling.

 Still hangin' around in Avenue G

 Mobile homes on the tracks - That means they really are mobile.

 Sidewalk dumpster

Foggy bridge

And at 11th & Locust last Tuesday there were many black vultures:

[Photos submitted by Robyn Waugh]


Kim Musser said...

Lol the White cat though😂😂😂

Unknown said...

That white cat is so beautiful! I lost my white kitten this past summer and I live in Columbia, still hoping to find her. Her name is Lexy