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About Town 12/1/19

This week's photos of Columbia

 She flew into a window and knocked herself out, but five minutes of doctoring brought her back to her senses.

 Buckets of coal are ready for the bad kids this Christmas.

 Just in time for Christmas, wise guys down at the corner.

 Three-quarters of the way down the 400 block of Locust, you'll run into this.

 Looking back up the street, you'll see why the sidewalk is blocked.

 Even though there was enough space for the barriers to be pulled outward and allow people to walk - especially on Small Business Saturday.

Even Columbia Borough had more sense than that down on the 100 block of Locust Street.

 The concrete barriers here were placed due to a planned construction project that has apparently failed. Construction projects do that sometimes. The excavated area, which is now affectionately known as "The Hole" by Columbia residents, was to become an apartment building, as Columbia Spy reported HERE

 According to the notice shown here, the "premises" are now determined to be "blighted," and remedial steps must be taken.

However, there's no mention of consequences if the owners fail to comply.
The following is from a December 27, 2017 Lancaster Online article about the project:
In Columbia Borough, Eberly Myers would raze an empty, four-unit apartment building at 134 Locust St. and construct a four-story building there, with 33 apartments all offering views of the Susquehanna River.
The new building also would feature nearly 3,000 square feet of commercial space plus underground parking. 
The project was hailed by Columbia Mayor Leo Lutz as “just what we need” to accelerate the borough’s revitalization. 
Funding for the Locust Street project is coming from the three developers, other investors and a Centric Bank loan. 
Monthly rents would start in the mid to upper $800s for one-bedroom units.A land development plan for the project won conditional final approval Monday from the borough Planning Commission. The demolition is subject to Borough Council approval. 
“We think it’s great. I can’t wait to see some dirt being moved. ... We think this project could really push us along. This will send a message to other developers and investors to come to Columbia — we’re open for business and willing to work with you,” said Lutz.

One last sign of Thanksgiving on South 2nd

 Enter: Santa

 Getting the trees early

 And that quickly, Santa loaded his sleigh.

The snowflakes and garlands have been installed along several blocks of Locust Street.

 Here's an evening view.

 That's not really what that's for, but it could be for Rep. Hickernell's window flag, shown below.

 At Rep. Hickernell's office, the leaves are falling - from artificial plants

 And in the window is the aforementioned Old Glory - the good ol' "Orange, White, and Blue."

 This unsightly mailbox was impertinently shoved into this tiled entrance to one of Columbia's historic buildings several years ago. 

 Snowflakes - they'll be coming soon enough.

 At the Borough Office

 Ideal location for a hotel

 Another of the town's historic buildings

A cracked Abraham Lincoln sidewalk insert. Some people believe that Trump is a better president than Lincoln.

 The light shineth forth.

 And this must be a historic table.

 Yes, it's a real cat, complete with food.

 NOOM - 300 PM

 Lights ready for hanging

 This truck is still down at Tollbooth Antiques.

 Sky above and below

 Parking spaces on the 300 block of Avenue F

 State Police flying over

 Newly installed signs at Coffee & Cream

 "Wired" starlings - 
But why are they wired? Could it be because of that hawk next door?

 There he is now.

 One of the ornaments on the roof of the Saint Peter Roman Catholic Church

 Something's coming soon.

 Construction continues on the 400 block of Locust.

 Up high

 5 priorities

 Hangin' at the boat ramp

Here are a few of Columbia's crosses:

 Saint Paul Episcopal Church

 Saint Paul Episcopal Church

 Holy Trinity Catholic Church

 Our Lady of the Angels School

 Saint Peter Roman Catholic Church

 This stop sign seems like more of a suggestion.

 Things are looking festive own at Tollbooth Antiques.

 Sometimes the only way to stop a train is with a stop sign.
Makes sense.

 West Hempfield hanging out in our Locust Street/Bank Avenue lot

 Beauty in the Beast Pet Grooming on the first block of South 3rd

 It's brine time again.

 So that's what the back of the (former) Amvets building looks like.

A recently passed ordinance says satellite dishes in the historic district must go when a property changes hands. This one is at a 7th & Chestnut property currently being renovated.
Is anyone paying attention?

 A naked organ, apparently discarded on the 200 block of Walnut
[Submitted photo]

The following photos were posted on Facebook last week and are used here with permission. They show the condition of the 400 block of Avenue H after high winds, due to poorly secured trash and recycling materials:


The signs shown below have been posted at the apartment residence of Columbia Borough Councilwoman Pamela Williams for the last several days. The signs pertain to the upcoming hearing and vote on December 16 about a proposed borough-wide rezoning. Due to the obvious bias shown in posting these signs - even before all parties have been heard - Williams should recuse herself from the vote. A copy of the sign was originally posted last week on a crackpot Facebook page run by newly appointed Zoning Hearing Board alternate Nate Bunty.

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