Monday, November 18, 2019

Mission Accomplished: Clocks are re-installed in old church tower [Pictorial]

Columbia's Dr. Larry Laird and a few helpers re-installed four 19-century clocks in an 1855 Philadelphia church over the weekend. Laird spent seven months refurbishing the clocks. The backstory is HERE.

A worker inspects a completed dial.

Each of the four dials is 48" in diameter. 

The dials are loaded into a van.

Dials ready to travel

The old church, aka The Loft

Looking up inside the clock tower

A look out through the dial window

Laird inspects the interior of the tower.

A clock is hoisted inside the tower.

Laird restores a wooden beam.

A view of the Philadelphia skyline through a dial window

[Photos submitted by Dr. Larry Laird]

UPDATE: Dr. Laird submitted these photos of two of the installed clocks on November 19:

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