Sunday, November 24, 2019

About Town 11/24/19

This week's photos of Columbia

A worker, presumably from Arnold's Property Service, stands on a recycling container as he strings Christmas tree lights at Locust Street Park.

It's not really that safe, but ya gotta do what ya gotta do.
Professional service at its best.

Here's the tree with the newly hung lights.

And here's the new star on top.

 Down at the post office: This appears to be a steel magnolia next to the steps.

But someone else must not like the post office.

 No caption necessary

 Down at Rose's Deli

 A 2019 Reader's Choice winner

 Here's a young couple - and a pet turkey looking decidedly nervous.
(5th & Cherry)

 And here's some kid with a pumpkin, and another turkey pretending to be a planter.

 This guy has a couple of chickens or something.

 Watch your step!

 Santa's here already. Remember to be naughty and nice.

 That barbed wire behind the gate really drives home the point.

 When you finish your McDonald's, just throw it down the steps.

 The Christmas spirit is beginning to permeate the town already.

 Sunday morning: surprise fall snowfall

They buy houses.

 Says so here.

 And here.

 Looks like those old skids are good for something.

 Rodents fear and respect the cat.

 Work continues at 4th & Locust.

 But there's always time for chit-chat.

 A visitor at Stover's

 The Lloyd Mifflin House on Walnut Street

 Something's missing at the Elks.

 Santa - He has you under surveillance 24/7, 365 days a year.

 Back at skid row - a roof has been added.

 There's the big lift rolling into town Thursday morning.

 It's assuming the position.

 And there it is - sky high.

 It was used to lift loads onto the roof at the 4th & Locust construction project.

 Various backyard amusements - and a horse banner possibly from the Kingdom of Rohan

 Here's the Creative Factory on the 300 block of Locust

 It's housed on the first floor of this building.

The artists' group is trying to buy the building.

 Divided sky

 How'd they get that bell tower in between those buildings?
Never mind, it's just an optical "delusion."

 Flying high

 Here's another sidewalk marker, many of which line Route 462.

 They feature a profile of Abe Lincoln, because the road is known as the Lincoln Highway.
Clever, no?

 A celestial star. That can only mean Christmas is right around the corner.

 These crows were squawking up a storm. The reason? That red-tailed hawk in the lower right.

 He seemed unperturbed and stayed in place until the crows left.

 Blocking up a bay door, or just narrowing it?
(Eastern Drillers)

 A tour group with a tour guide, touring the town on Saturday

 Coffee & Cream

 More stars and "strips"

 Fancy fence

 Naked light

 Another sign of pending Xmas

 Aftermath of Sunday morning's surprise snow

A sign of the times

Looks like that idea is all wet.

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