Sunday, November 10, 2019

About Town 11/10/19

This week's photos of Columbia . . .

 What's this? Girls skateboarding in defiance of the regulations?

The regulations (of which there are many)

Good thing Waterways Conservation Officer Jeff Schmidt was there to keep them on the straight and narrow.

 The many-windowed Saint Peter Apartments

 Tonight there's gonna be a Jailbreak.

 Autumn is rapidly leafing us.

 Another scarf bombing

 What have they done to our lot at 4th & Locust?

 Back at work

Still trying

Here's one on the outside

 An escort vehicle announcing an oversize load that isn't there.

 Here are the credentials.

 They were checking clearances under traffic lights and elsewhere on Route 462.

Here's a wide load, not necessarily oversize.

 The taxes are too damn high!

 Half moon, waxing

 The underside of a warthog

RGA has entered a bid of $13,275 in response to the borough's RFP for a Historic Resource Survey Consultant. Two of the company's employees were taking photos of the town Thursday morning, even though council reportedly has not yet made a decision.

 Pumpkin massacre in Avenue H

 Many welders have seen the light.

He's nailing it. 

Triker heading on home 

 The rain was starting to fall.

 Watcher, watching

 Someone pulled the plug.

 This MEDEVAC helicopter flew over several times this week.

Getting there

 We want our sidewalk back.

 The ramp is not for cars. The sign clearly says BOAT LAUNCHING ONLY.

 Decked out for Christmas already

Let's hope she'll join her siblings for the holidays.

Unfortunately, this one's bound to be a burger.

 Spell-check, please

Todd Stahl sent this photo of a balloon over the river this morning.

James R. Settle III sent this video shot from the bridge. The fun starts at about 0:22.

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Radical rag said...

The stone in the lot on 4th street is prob there so they dont keep dragging mud out onto the roadway,. It would actually be nice if they would make that a small meter free lot!!!