Sunday, November 3, 2019

About Town 11/03/19

This week's photos of Columbia

 Looks like it's a pumpkin-eat-pumpkin world out there.

 Here's another remnant of Halloween.

And another

 Cat's eye

 Things seem to be progressing at Floyd's of Leadville on Bridge Street.

These guys were putting in a new concrete slab there.

 Hidden in plain sight

 Costume party?

 Afternoon flowers

 KEEP OUT is down and out.

 Angelic butt collector

 Revived ghost sign


Lipping his lips

 Two main rules in life: Don't open a can of worms, and don't stir up a hornet's nest.

 That crane at 4th & Locust can be seen from Laurel Hill.

 There's a new hawk in town.

Redtails have been thriving here.

 PPL crews worked on North 4th this week in conjunction with the construction project at 4th & Locust.

One worker decided to try to prohibit photographs in the area - you know, in public, where it's legal. 

So, it's time to post this again.

 The trash pile at this property in the 500 block of Avenue G has been cleaned up, after sitting there for a few years.

 And this attic window, former entrance to a vultures' nest, has been boarded up.

 The 400 block of Locust was closed off for two days this week to accommodate the crane and other vehicles at the construction site there.

 It's a mighty high crane.

 Obviously a supervisor

 Coming together

 Working through the bucket list

 All you need is Love when it comes to painting.

Speaking of paint, here's a uniquely painted pickup.

Speaking of pickups, here's an interesting one.

 Night flight

 Free, but it's probably gone by now.

 On the line

 Save our local dairy farms, wherever they may be.

 Bricks and broken chair - There's a message here somewhere.

 Newly fallen

 Up, up, and away!

 Thumbs down

 Walking the straight and narrow

 Hanging around

 Gittin' 'er done


 Men at work

 Ready to go

 Big man on a little job, or little man on a big job?

 Sticker shock

 Watching the work go by

 Out for a walk

 Play ball!

Welder: about to weld

 Welder: welding


 Weekend warriors

One of the herons is back. They'd been lying low since the Bridge Bust.

 Sunday morning run

 Things were going swimmingly during the Sunday morning river training, led by Todd Stahl.

 Just remember not to lose your head during training.

 Todd Stahl looking for volunteers

 There's a couple.

 Ready . . .

 Steady . . .

 Set . . .


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