Sunday, October 6, 2019

About Town 10/6/19

This week's photos of Columbia

 The Wilderness Inquiry folks were at Columbia River Park again this year. Here's one being interviewed by WGAL.

 They taught students about boating safety and allowed them to paddle around the areas close to the park (under supervision, of course).


 Borough workers pressure-washed the bridge lights this week, in preparation for Saturday's Bridge Bust.

 Spiderwebs, dead mayflies, and other debris had accumulated on the lights, so the solution was . . .

 Blast 'em!

 Folks at the Bridge Bust enjoyed a perfect fall day for walking, shopping, and eating.

Hundreds attended the event.


 These pumpkins appeared recently atop the bollards at the town square.

 Here's a close-up of one of them.

There they are, all lined up along 462.


 This is one of the many night lights (complete with grass clippings) inhabiting Laurel Hill Cemetery, as are the ones below:


 Some folks need to hold on to the nearest upright object after too much Scotch.

 Friendship Hose Co. No. 1.

Eagle Hose NO. 2.

 Leftovers from the architectural tour

 This spotted lanternfly was lying on the road at River Park. It was probably already dead.

 But it got killed again, just in case. (Its location and date of demise were reported to the state authorities.)

 These tiny star-shaped flowers were growing along a curb on South 3rd Street.

 Repeal the Tax Hike!

 This mantis was praying (probably to some insect god) on Saturday on the 100 block of Walnut Street.

 Nothing to see here. Move along!

 Tiny Library at the River Park pavilion

 Map on the mural at 3rd & Chestnut

 More signs

 Here's the post office flagpole.

 It could probably use some scraping and painting.

 Yes, definitely.

 Please feed your pet daily.

 A cat with unusually long ears

 Here's the COLUMBIA sign currently at Locust Street Park.

As we noted last week, this one disappeared in 2012 from atop its pole along Route 441, near the bottom of Plane Street. One shows the distance to Mountville, and the other shows the distance to Marietta.

 Here's a tripping hazard, apparently due to a missing brick.

 It's near the former Lazy K on the 100 block of Locust.

 Oh say, can you see...?

 Not until Texas executes one, some say.

 Ready to unload a flatbed at K.T Graham on Front Street

 Must be quite a headache.

 Hold on.

 Got it now.


 Giant poodle wearing a ribbon

 There's that truck again.

 Layin' it down behind the Elks

 She just treed a squirrel at the DAC.

 Don't ever do this. The driver illegally parked his dump truck and trailer along Route 462 for over half an hour, causing tractor-trailers to have to swerve out around it.

 Coffee & Cream . . . coming soon

 Almost time to mow the sidewalk

 Where did this line on the asphalt come from on Route 441?

 It's an eighth to a quarter of an inch deep and extends for about a tenth of a mile.

 Meanwhile, out on the river

 Lots of rocks, and these are just the visible ones.

 A lift holding up a utility line?

 That's a mighty big boot.

 Trash bags on the sidewalk - not acceptable!

 Sunset at the cemetery

 Incongruous signage

 Fall's here, but these things are hard to walk on.

 Big portrait at the Creative Factory

 Whatever you believe, don't stop believing.

 Float on, Columbia!

 Skates in the grass

 Feeling superior

 Looks like we have enough birds to last for a while.


 Like glass

 This town's on fire!

 EYCEMA at the Bridge Bust

 Sailboats way downriver 

 The owners of this beauty strip near the bridge should have attended to it before the Bridge Bust.

 Water pollution

 And this is how you ride two bicycles at once.

This sandbag was helping keep the temporary fence in place at 4th & Locust, but now its contents are spreading over the sidewalk.


Unknown said...

In reference to the GRASS/WEEDS growing on the Sidewalks the Mayor claims this BEAUTIFIES the Boro and he will not endorse any cleanup in these Areas. He hopes the rest of the Citizens do not remove any HIGH GRASS or HIGH WEEDS growing on their properties.

Unknown said...

The lift isn't holding the Power line up. It is in the air so noone climbs on it