Sunday, October 27, 2019

About Town 10/27/19

This week's photos of Columbia

Rachel on the Haunted Lantern Tour

Andre Underhill of Rivertowne Trolley provided transportation for the Haunted Lantern Tour.

Werewolf on the roof of the Global Time Wizard

Yep, it's a werewolf.

In life, this guy was a big-headed person.

Down on Bank Avenue

Wait a minute. We're not in Red Lion, are we?

Floyd's of Leadville just got a delivery from Germany.


Some people marked their spots early for the Halloween parade - about 8:30 a.m.

 A refugee from the "Haunted Lanternfly Tour"

After being photographed, it was liquidated, as per instructions from the State.

A bright-eyed pumpkin

Flags a-flyin'

 What's with all the abandoned bikes around town?

 Here's another one

In memory

 Salamander on the sidewalk

 Visitor on the mums

 Another visitor on the mums

 Right on track

 Up, up, and away!

Volunteer greeter at Columbia Crossing

One of two surveyors checking elevations related to the Veterans Memorial Bridge

 The vulture tree is getting a bit crowded.

Vulture at sunset

A chatty wren

 The sparks are flying.

 Break time

An environmentally aware dumpster?

 Do not try to break the sound barrier when skateboarding.

Our sidewalk at 4th & Locust is taking a beating.

 Here's why . . .

 Heavy equipment

 The dunes of Columbia

 Double-crossed hawk

There he is.

 Coming up

 So close, you can almost touch it . . . 

 Road work

 Long shot

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