Sunday, October 20, 2019

About Town 10/20/19

This week's photos of Columbia

A hot dog offering hot dogs

High school students painting window murals downtown

Here's a finished product.


 On its last legs

 Strange clouds

 Cats and kittens, also known as hens and chicks

 The U.S. Mail in a new light

The way out

 History pushing through

Bricklayers don't do this much any more. 

 Can't cry over spilt paint.

 Straight out

 No . . . what?

 Painted rock

 Bricklayers probably don't do this much any more either.

 Are the honeybees coming back?

 Old-style transportation


 Foggy morning


 Collecting water


 Checking things out

 Here are two stallions.

 And here's a stag.

 All in a row

 Down at Coffee & Cream

 Comfortable place to sit

Some sort of prophet of old. There are many religious profits today.

No plate

 Checking the plans

 X marks the spot.

 These guys were taking measurements at the river.
(Here and below)


 No such thing as too many shots of the bridge.


 Rolling right on by

 Another look

 That's a mighty big plane.
Could it be a C-5?

 Google tells us this might be an E-2C Hawkeye early warning aircraft.
(Shown here and below)

 Wrapping it up at the river

Removing the barge


 Here's a truck fittingly parked at Borough Hall.

 Thinking it over . . .

 Time for lunch!

 Psychedelic pickup

 If you don't like driving on the one side, just try the other.

 Debarked tree on Barber

 Time for these signs to come down.

 Shouldn't have attempted that last jump.

 There once was a Union & Fourth Street Market House.

Trunk or Treat

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