Sunday, October 13, 2019

About Town 10/13/19

This week's photos of Columbia

New set of wheels

 Council candidates - 
Vote for change!

 Scarf bombing at 4th & Locust

 There they are along Locust.

And there they are on 4th.

 Kristen's Katering at 301 Cherry Street

 Scarecrow people on Cherry Street

 A "sign" of Halloween

 A window of Columbia

 And another

Back at Zion Hill Cemetery

 Wooden crosses mark many of the graves.

 Is the site falling into disrepair?

 Lots of places to go to

 Still not right

 Take a good look. You're paying for it.

 Night lights

 The temporary roundabout at 12th Street & Central Avenue - 
Is it a good idea?
(And there are no crossing lines at the intersection.)

The roundabout is sometimes called a traffic circle.

 A tire in the shape of a flower - for holding flowers?

Speaking of tires - something new has been added at the clock plaza at 5th & Chestnut.

 Here's what one of the bridge plaques says.

 Old truck rusting away along 462

 Tis the season

 A posting for a private business in the state rep's office window?
May other businesses post there also? CVS? The Medicine Shoppe?

 Venting or condensing?

 A delivery at the new Floyd Landis facility on Bridge Street?

 More roadwork

 Dunging out at the chip factory

 Don't mess with the water company.

 Time for a new blind

 Prospective hotel investors?

 There are several of these on the 300 block of Locust.

 Bicycle waiting for a rider

 Base of a light standard that originally stood at the entrance to the Veterans Memorial Bridge in 1930.
(It's now at the Historic Society.)

 Lawn gnomes

 Baby on board

 No crossing lines at North 4th & Maple

 Since there are no sidewalks on this section of North 5th, you might be risking your life if you walk north towards the Visitors Center.


 Creepy clown

 Discover Lancaster had a balloon brought to town last Thursday.

 Fire in the hole!

[Submitted photo]

 Work has picked up again at 4th & Locust.

 New tree . . .

 About to be planted at Columbia River Park

 That's an awful long time.
(4th & Locust)

Gettin' down! 

 Rivertowne Trolley during Saturday's Albatwitch Festival

 What's the proper protocol when you're walking on a sidewalk that abruptly ends but continues a little ways up ahead? Do you continue walking - technically through someone's yard - or do you cut out into the street and then back onto the sidewalk?

 Here at North 7th & Maple, the curb is recessed to accommodate an ADA ramp - but there's no sidewalk.

 Vultures practicing their Halloween poses

Here's a loner on top of Manor Street School.

 Haunted lawn

 The lions of South 2nd are ready for Halloween.

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Wil Torbert said...

I've been asking that question about "where the sidewalk ends" all my life! If you get a solid answer please share!