Sunday, September 8, 2019

About Town 9/8/19

This week's photos of Columbia

Picking out a tune

Picking out a breakfast

Wet leaves

Wide leaves

Chopper with raindrops visible

Chopper with passengers visible

On scene

In the rain

A surefire way to tell fall is on the way: a leaf cutout in a window

Another sign of fall

Street sweeper


 Part of the plan:

To match the brickwork

Onward to the trail

Many roads were closed lately.

On/off-ramp at our temporary sidewalk at the bottom of Locust
(Is it ADA-compliant?)

Looking the other way
(which sometimes happens in town)

Mossy roof

Snake in the grass, what there is of it


Another close-up

Workin' on the railroad

A pretty face but a wooden personality

Time to mow the sidewalk

A pose

A profile

Art for art's sake

Heron with multi-colored eye

On reflection

Looking right

Looking left

Looking forward

Giant skull on the steps - and who doesn't want one?

Georgia State Flag (until 2001)

It's always good to have a spare set of legs in back.

Dragonfly hanging on

When you're surrounded, simply preen...

... then catch brunch.

This heron was watching nearby until...

... it was time to go.

"The Mural"

Another view of "The Mural"

Very long and pointed

The playground that was, was recently removed...

... behind the DAC at 5th & Chestnut.

The elusive gold-painted iron eagle

Albatwitch Day coming October 12

One was left blank

Bike repair station at River Park:


The goal of some religions


Ghwillard said...

Love them all. Sometimes I would like to comment on some of them. They are great.

Radical rag said...

Why do they keep putting a bandaid on the bottom of locust street, damnit hold someone responsible, it un believable, if that was my house they would fine me until i was broke...b.s