Sunday, September 15, 2019

About Town 9/15/19

This week's photos of Columbia

Butterfly catcher trying to increase his net worth

And he had a bit of competition.

 There are those towers again.

 Mourning dove in the afternoon

 On the rocks (almost)

 Turkey vultures eat dead critters. Their poop is a sanitizer.

 Raised barn -
The elevator must be inside the post.

 Yep, weeds

 Still there

 Municipal signs for a private drive?

 Old and young - wood, that is

 Hang out the back, Jack.

 Many elevator trucks on Bank Avenue

 All the livelong day . . . 

 There are several things wrong here.

 The lights are on, but the store is never open.

 On the way to work

 Bridge lights

 Fulsome foliage

 9/11 remembrance

 Out on the river

 Heron in a hurry
(Above and below)

 Tired from the ride

 Google tells us that this white-tailed dragonfly is an adult male "common whitetail" or "long-tailed skimmer."

 It appeared to be injured; its thorax looked to be almost separated from its abdomen.

 Even so, it kept flying away from the camera.

 He didn't see the sign. Either that, or cats just can't read.

 The Albatwitch is coming October 12.

 A door of Columbia

 Another door of Columbia - two more, in fact

 Campaign sign

 Preparing for Friday night's game

 Sparrow messing on a gravestone - 
No respect!

Speaking of no respect - someone left this trash on Locust Street, between 7th and 8th.
[Submitted photo]

 There's a rare sight: no traffic on 462 between Chestnut and Locust

 And only one vehicle at the end of Chestnut, near the bridge - 
Sunday mornings are like that, for about a minute.

 What's the point?

 Hide and seek

 All wired up

 "The field"

 You'll never be the same.

 More hide and seek

 Morning jibber-jabber

 Morning mist

 "The field" Sunday morning

 In a fog

Get your truck washed.


Sue said...

I see there are still weeds on Heritage drive they have been there for months and what has code done about them not a thing can't they see them and also what about that cottage that you can't see because of all the weeds same thing nothing being done

Eric J. White said...

You're's not that cats don't read...cats don't care. Silly Hooman. :-)