Sunday, September 1, 2019

About Town 9/1/19

This week's photos of Columbia

Watchdog watching

 Egret coming in for landing

Heron drifting on by


The two historic-looking images shown above are located at 5th & Cherry.

Someone at 6th & Locust was happy for the long weekend.
[Submitted photo]

 The 400 block of Locust was just swept by the sweeper sweeping by

Following the sweeper

 Doing the 300 block of Avenue H

 Doing the 400 block of Avenue H

In for a swim - a risky proposition these days

Stretching a line

Backing into Easter Drillers from Front Street can be a dicey proposition for truck drivers. It took this one 10 minutes and many adjustments to line up with the bay.

Up at Keystone Cap - The addition is almost done.

 Is this the hidden lair of the secret vehicles?
(The former Shawnee Fire Company)

Painting the woodwork at the Haitian Maranatha Church on the 200 block of Locust.

Last summer, the borough stopped workers from painting the stone/concrete surfaces of the building.

Only the window frames and wooden cross were painted this week.

The cross was painted red.

Shooting off at the ramp

 NOTICE: Get a job!

 May the force be with you.

And now for some flags:

Flags at Mount Bethel

This is called a Betsy Ross Flag.

 Flying a flag upside down can be a symbol of protest.

This flag seems somehow fitting in the current political climate.

The Endless Eighth Street Project:

 The Endless Eighth Street Project - here and below:

 It goes on and on and on and on.

So let's look at some of Columbia's Cool Cats . . .






Ghost truck?
(Heading towards Halloween)

OK, back to the Endless Eighth Street Project

Here are examples of the newly "completed" sidewalks

Oh well, forge on!

Endlessly . . .

Over at Bethel Street - Everywhere a sign

Tied off

Trooper at Bixler's

Vanishing point that hasn't yet vanished

Down at the 4th & Locust project - 
The sign says ROAD CLOSED, but drivers insisted on using one lane as two lanes.

Columbia skyline

Pointing the way

Red hat

Pulling a line

Uh . . . Road Closed . . . ?

Patriotic helmet

Laying a block

Troweling the edge

Large load

The first block of North 4th

The tree is dead, but the weeds are doing quite well.
(400 block of Walnut)

Heading to school

Heading to home

Newly added at the Front Street mural - 
Unfortunately, not all who donated are listed.

Doubly prepared

Up in the corner

The remnants of a hornet's nest

Here's a shot from July 23, 2017 when it was live.

 Coffee & Cream coming soon at Front & Walnut

Painting on South 3rd

At 161-163 Locust Street: The permit specified an interior clean-out and demo. The property is owned by Cimarron.

At the July 23, 2019 Columbia Borough Council meeting, Zoning and Planning Officer Jeff Helm said the interior demolition would consist of "non-essential, non-structural materials that are in there." He said it would entail "peeling away cosmetic layers inside the building." He also said there's a plan for a rear, attached shed that will eventually come to the planning commission for review. He said the "demo" refers to ceiling demos and wall covering demos.

No permit is currently displayed.

Shown above is a Historic Resource Survey Form from March 23, 1983 describing the building.

Here's a snake slithering.

Mattress and frame on Locust


In case you were wondering, it’s OPEN. Except – it’s really CLOSED.

Tri-color house on the 200 block of Locust

Way up on Avenue I

Some weed whacking might be in order.

Surprisingly, the weeds at the Locust Street hole in the ground have been chopped down.

Here's another look.

Scrape and paint ASAP.

Paddling along on a Sunday morning


Howard Stevens said...

A Flag hanging upside down is a Signal of Dire Distress.

Radical rag said...

161-163 locust , so are they putting a sky light in that house??? Kind of looks like the building needs condemned, and then i guess just knock it down???? Hell just use taxpayers money, to pay for it all??

Sue said...

So what about the weeds along the fence along Heritage drive still not a thing done that one cottage is so bad that you can't tell if there really is a cottage there what is going to be done codes does not do a thing about it they just seem to be blind its about time they do there job why do we pay them because they sure do not do there job because when you drive down that road it sure does look a mess