Sunday, August 4, 2019

About Town 8/4/19

This week's photos of Columbia

Two-fingered Jolly Roger

Stars and Stripes

 Rainbow over Bethel


 Patriotic rock at the American Legion

 Sidewalk furniture

 Rollin' along

 Down at Heritage Drive

 How many visitors will be deterred from coming here after seeing this photo?

 Roof work

 Teepees in the park
(At the Edible Classroom)

 Red-tailed hawk hanging round the Water Company

 On the hunt

 No one can stop this Renaissance!

 Conveyance of a sort

 You must comply.

 Two towers

 Heavy equipment at 4th & Locust

 But at what cost to our sidewalk?

 Across the street, construction continues.

Construction, there

 So that's where geese come from.

More progress at Front & Walnut - The cement has since been poured. Note the permit in the window.  The pink sticker allegedly means the project has been approved by HARB. Some entities do the right thing and get HARB's approval. Others do as they wish, doing work without permits or pink dots, or ignoring STOP WORK orders.

 Digging a ditch to lay a sewer line in the 300 block of Avenue H.

 That pile of wood is still there, visible from the 100 block of Avenue H. At a recent meeting, Zoning & Planning Officer Jeff Helm said only cosmetics would be removed from this building.

 Sidewalk installation is underway on the 700 block of Walnut Street.

 Here's a closer look.

 Up at Keystone Cap: what appear to be medieval instruments of torture (above and the two following)...

 Also at Keystone Cap: construction on a major addition to the building...


Sometimes a backyard is just a parking lot: eight vehicles, including a construction vehicle. 

 The United States of Americana

 Pole elf?

 The 500 block of Avenue G, formerly occupied by vultures, but they went "Onward and Upward"!

 Walk-O Taco

 Two-headed husky?

 South Ninth

 Weed City USA?

Quick, get one of these barrels.

 Interesting ornament on the 500 block of Locust

 Fiery sunset

 Fierce hubcap

Spiderman is lurking...somewhere in town.

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Anonymous said...

And your back yard parking lot is only what he has parked there... check the streets for the rest of his vehicles!