Sunday, August 18, 2019

About Town 8/18/19

This week's photos of Columbia

And that's how to use your head.

 What the heck is it?

 A mutated Albatwitch?

Nope, just the shadows of a guy carrying a 4' x 9' piece of particle board up an extension ladder.
Wait . . . what?!

 The Poplar Street School, still for sale

 Many windows, multi-colored and otherwise

 Man at work

 Field of Screams has a boat (?)
Maybe they'll round up some river monsters.

 Boot Hill Saloon, across from the cemetery - says so on the shirt


Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy!

The fence lost.

Officer on duty


17-19 South 3rd
See the note below.

Nice note

Attempted break-in at Hotel Locust?

Heron reflecting 

More men at work
(North 3rd & Avenue H)

New facility at the Shops at Prospect 

Sometimes a slab is an abstract. 

Hung up

But all this web got was a few raindrops. 

Earlier this week, a man was supposedly about to jump from the Veterans Memorial Bridge (near the Wrightsville end) but was talked down by a pedestrian. Several departments responded. 

And this is why you shouldn't leave those hubcaps standing around.  They tend to sprout. 

Stop in and fill up.

Rumors of his existence might be greatly exaggerated. 

And yet, here's a "Special Parking Permit" outside his office.

 Historic window at the Haitian church

 You see? Unicorns DO exist!

 Cut-rate windshield, in case you don't need to go anywhere. 

No comment 

Bricks and moss

 Columbia artist Joanna Spicer just painted this mural inside the soon-to-be "Coffee & Cream" building at Front & Walnut. Two years ago, she painted a mural and the emblems of the United States armed forces at the Locust Street Park storage building. Columbia Spy reported on that project HERE.

 Workin' on the railroad

 Painting crossing lines at 4th & Locust

The cement's here (400 block of Locust).

Here's where it goes. 

 Tiger swallowtail with tattered wings

 Still here pointing there

Looks like something out of Tolkien.

 But on top: an airplane weather vane

 You might have to be from the planet Gallifrey to understand some of these symbols at NAWCC. 

The proverbial cross of gold

 The Weeping Angel - praying for its nose to return?

 Looks like we got us a convoy.

 Here yesterday, gone today

 The building is for sale or rent (4th & Chestnut).

 Watching over

 Ready to pave, patch, or in-between.

 Eight A's ready for the 6th Street road closure during Monday's dismissal at Park Elementary

 Sunflower - The bees like it.

 Building an armada

 Way up high

 Baby sparrow at River Park
(But wipe that fountain before you use it.)

 More progress at "Coffee and Cream" - Front & Walnut

 Tree vs pitchfork, but who won?

 Don't stand underneath.

 That lazy mattress in Avenue H (200 block)

 Add this to the parking study: plenty of space at the Avenue H municipal lot.

 Delivery service, right to your door

Take your pick peaches on South 9th, right around the corner from Locust
[Submitted photo]

Free community breakfast coming up

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