Sunday, August 11, 2019

About Town 8/11/19

This week's photos of Columbia

Officer Mann gives directions.

 Because moments earlier, this happened.

 A flatbed hauling railroad ties making a right turn onto North 3rd (heading south) from Chestnut was heading right smack-dab towards the police car (far left).

With a second flatbed close behind. Fortunately, a collision was averted.

 Better order a gross of these, considering all the recent road construction.

 Will that be 1-1/2 tickets or 2?

 Archway in Avenue F


 Ready to roll

 Religious icon and heavenly light

 Collecting rainwater or avoiding erosion?

 Some people can do this.

 Fresh produce at Andy's on Ironville Pike

 Leaning ever more day by day

 Hooray for the blue, white, and red!

 For collecting rainwater?

 It's right up there at the Saint John Lutheran Church.

 Why is the grass always greener on the other side?

 Post: abandoned

 Progress at "Coffee and Cream" at Front & Walnut

 Another of those painted rocks

 Plans: revealed

 Several apartments available

 Notice #1

 Notice #2

 Notice #3

Some folks claim this is their middle name.

 Another wide turn: 2nd onto Union

 Rumor has it there's a cottage in there somewhere.

There it is. 
Welcome to the jungle!

 Shoring it up

 Progress at 208-210 Locust

 For everyone who doesn't like "negative news," here's where the good news is, down at the bus stop, straight from God! (Says so right on the poster.)

 At least it's not a mattress this time.

When you need to mow your brick sidewalk
[Submitted photo]

 After a recent rain

 More progress at Keysone Cap

 It got bent.

 Second-floor butterfly bush

 It ends way up there?

The Locust Street Swamp

 At least the stop sign is protected.

 Enjoying the view

 They're still with us.

 Flutterby on flower

 Two-engine vehicle

 Everything's possible in Columbia - even a weed growing out of the top of a post.

Everyone's favorite Columbia club

 There's even a billboard for it in York County - to bring visitors into town.

 But fortunately this is at the edge of town ^^^

 Self-referential sign?

Mrs. Pit

 Gender-neutral restroom - old school

 Bell towers

 Time to unwrap

 Bird on many wires

 Open air tour

 Field of Screams is in town.

 Spigots and containers

 About to get breakfast

 Backyard windmill

 Humongous hose reel

 The tiny house is for sale.
(Columbia Spy posted an article about it HERE.)

 Beating the heat

 The infamous sign - now with more and better graphics

Long lashes


Sue said...

When are codes going to do something about the weeds along Heritage drive where you can't see the cottage because of the weeds when you drive by how much higher must the weeds get before you do your job and make the person do something about it

Sue said...

Still not anything done about the weeds still there when I drive by and codes is not.doing a thing i am talking about the ones down by that cottage at the river on Heritage drive