Sunday, July 7, 2019

About Town 7/7/19

This week's photos from Columbia

When beating the heat, it's best to use a stick.

 In for a landing

 This snowy egret was keeping an eye (or two) on things the other day, as shown here and below:

Here's a bird of a different feather over in Avenue G - one of two black vulture siblings.

They left their attic nest at 123 North 5th earlier in the week.

Here's one last photo before they left the scene entirely.

Emergent pyrotechnics on "The 4th"
[Submitted photo]

 That's a lot of sod.

 All you need is love - or a rock that says it.

 Hydrant in hiding

River view

(Click to enlarge.)

 PA Department of Conservation and Natural Resources at Columbia River Park

Brown-eyed Susan and friend

That's one way to hold a truck together, but duct tape generally works better.

 Boutique at Hermansader's Gallery on the 400 block of Locust

 It's already here.

 Airing out the upper floors at 401 Locust

 Onward and upward!

 Here's a big fat dumpster across the street.

It's on borough property, but council OK'd the use.

 Memorial at Columbia Presbyterian

 Morning melody

 And a deep bow afterwards

 Standing and sanding at 101 North Front

Soon to be a coffee and ice cream shop called, fittingly enough, "Coffee and Cream."

Meanwhile, down below

 Living Stones Masonry at Front and Locust
What better way to show your product than to put it on your building?

 Got one!

 A cover-up!

 No, that's not the way to the trail.


 Pit stop

Sprucing up on South 3rd

 Red, white, blue and red, white, and blue

 Piano keys at Front & Bridge

 Precise edging at River Park

 Morning meow



 The mission continues.

 The pawn shop - now with drinks and snacks

 Inside the Market House

 "Welcome to the jungle,
It gets worse here every day."
(- Guns N' Roses)

 But seriously, what the hell???!!!

What was to be an apartment building is now a jungle that can be seen, free of charge, along Bank Avenue.

 You can even play the game of "Find the Cat"!
(Yes, he's in there.)

 "The weeds are as high as an elephant's eye,
And it looks like they're climbin' right up to the sky!"
(Apologies to Rodgers and Hammerstein.)

 There's that cat again.
(Who knows what other critters lurk therein?)

What a "beautiful" sight for visitors to see.

That Saturday night rain came up quick.
[Photo by Phil Shirk]


Thomas Sheetz said...

Columbia Boro Management doing a WONDERFUL job keeping the WEEDS cut down, I can only wonder what their properties look like. Mayor do not fine the homeowners for high weeds if you cannot do your job and enforce the code. YOU AND YOUR STAFF ARE PATHETIC.

bo griffon said...

Isn't that lot owned by some guys who want to build there? How do you know the owners have not been cited? What's your beef with the Mayor?