Sunday, July 28, 2019

About Town 7/28/19

This week's photos of Columbia

Fun stuff under glass

They're right outside Andy's Market on Cherry.

 Hidden detour?

 Double bunnies


Pondering whatever's down there

 Morning bridge walk

 Hanging on

Reeling him in

 And there he is.

Tree emanating life force

 American Goldfinch: No fence can hold him - except this one, apparently.

Two are better than one.

Barely old enough to be out on its own

Front porch looking good

 Clean-up detail

Mouthing off

 Flags of many stripes

Sometimes an umbrella is a parasol.

Problem at the Creative Factory

Beware of bark.

 Gutter garden

 Sidewalk mosaic on North 5th

 ADA detail on Central Avenue

 "Diamondback" finch

 There's no other way to put it: This is a freakin' mess!

Keeping it clean

 Six stars and 42 stripes

 Super star

Sun-kissed railing

 Time for a trim

Up close and personal

 Hummingbird at River Park

 There he is again.

 He who pulls the rebar from the wood will be the rightful king of Columbia.

A murmuration of starlings (or whatever they are)

 Never zig when you should zag.

Seemingly everywhere

Ready to ride

Repairing the CVS parking lot entrance

Yet another super star

3-way vigilance: left, right, and in-between

 Day Light

Pump training (above, and the two below)

 Sheriff reaching in the back

 And one with a big gun

 They were in town last Thursday on North 6th Street.

 Here's a vehicle at CVS.

 And here's another look.

 They took this man into custody on the 600 block of Walnut.

 At least one of the Avenue G refugees survived.


 Down by the riverside

 Talking it over

700 block of Walnut

 Note: This is not an ashtray.


Read and heed.

Cool sign design, made to look like old, flaking paint

 Evidence of a budding graffiti artist?

 Meanwhile, downtown

Whole lotta surveying going on 

Water board on the water

 Someone else is fishing, too.

 Life Lion

On the way to work

Well, that didn't pan out.


 Beauty strip, right up the center

Further progress at Front and Walnut, soon to be a shop called "Coffee and Cream"

 Cormorant cruising

 Just the essentials

Cedar waxwing, possibly waxing philosophical

He's either foraging for mayflies or fixing the camera.

Child seat for watching the water

 ET sighting at Rotary Park

 Little machine ready for a big job

I don't always want a beer can with my patriotism, but when I do, I want it to be made from jet exhaust.

 CMX, formerly Colonial Metals

 That's one way to avoid paying Columbia Borough for the NO PARKING signs. Just use the leftovers from Lancaster City.

Are they enforceable?
Are they fraudulent?

 Locust Street, down and out

 Wrightsville is stealing your fire, Columbia.

 Send this artist back to anatomy class.

 New name?

 Downtown Sunday morning

Old-time wall lamp

Similar to the one at the post office

What would OSHA say?

 More abandoned furniture

The weeds that ate Columbia

Still growing out of control

Let's forget the apartment project; just let this be a nature preserve instead.
Seems like the best option at this point.

 Stray Cat
You want 'em? Columbia's got 'em.

Los Angeles Fire Department checking us out from overhead

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Bmiller said...

By Design sign has held up well considering that business has been closed for about 15 years.