Sunday, July 21, 2019

About Town 7/21/19

This week's photos from Columbia

At least something enjoyed the sun this week. 

Setback mode for "the sign"?

Big pile in the 300 block of Avenue H 

Reflections at 301 Locust 

Rustic simplicity 

New posts at Hinkle's 

Washerwoman at Columbia Creative Factory 

Apparently sporting a surgical scar?

Flowers and flowery sandal at 5th & Locust

This is why you shouldn't double park on the highway. 

"Go your own way."

Historic Columbia 

Stretching the tape 

Stirring the dust

As work continues on the 300 block of Avenue H.

Some messages, an eagle , and a snake

They think they're hiding. 

Boating about

But it's a no-wake zone!

Jeep, complete with trailer and steps

Once again, this time on the 600 block of Chestnut 

Wait, what?
(District Administration Center)

Bell, not recently ringing


Painting continues at Bootleg. 

Parking for vehicles with trailers only?

But long term parking is not permitted . . .


How hot was it this week?
So hot that this bird was gasping for air.

Add this to the sign survey.

Vine-draped train car

Cooperation between species 

A new look at the old railroad station 

The 100 block of Locust 

We were promised a new building, but all we got was this lousy temporary sidewalk. 

Not to mention a weedy hole in the ground right next to it.

Why take up one of those parking spaces when there's a perfectly good street right there?

Bring back Trooper Grazer to teach kids traffic safety.

Watching the work

Training session?

Or barbaric cruelty?

The egret's back. 

He's lookin' good - because he can!

How hot was it this week?
This sparrow was gasping for air as a water drop hung from its beak.

Looks like they're installing another gas line.

And they're still using that Lancaster City sign, which probably isn't enforceable here.

More work at 3rd Street & Avenue H

The fix-up continues at Front & Walnut.

The Prayer Walk America vehicle exiting Columbia River Park.
Lancaster Online has the backstory HERE.

Cleaning out Clean Quarters 

A bevy of buses, seen from North 2nd

Body at Tollbooth 

Back to that church on the 200 block of Locust

Workers were issued a stop-work order when they began painting the stones running down the corners of the building, which is in the historic district. However, painting has been permitted on brick exteriors on other structures in the district. The rule seems to be that if the stone or brick was not painted previously it may not be painted now. As with many other issues around town, that rule has not been enforced evenly and consistently.

As can be seen, painting stopped even on the wood trim at the top of the building. This area should have been painted for appearance sake. Compare with the photo below where the wood trim was painted.

Jenny might buy houses, but she should stop posting these signs around town.

"Beauty strip" along the 400 block of Locust

Deeper and deeper on the 400 block of Locust

Lots o' stuff growing up there on Walnut 

Crossing signs at Front & Bridge 

Here's another one.

And here's a high flier leaving Columbia.

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Radical rag said...

The "temporary" sidewalk is crap, the contractor should be forced yo put fill back in the hole, and a proper barrier be a fence, or concrete, be placed,