Sunday, July 14, 2019

About Town 7/14/19

This week's photos from Columbia

So what's the plan?

 Fishing on the dock

Caught one - with presidential lips!

 The Water Reel - Keeping our football field green for years

 Tax notice for 132 Locust Street

 Here's another one.

Also at 132 Locust: There was talk of opening this sidewalk, at a recent meeting. May as well forget that, though - for obvious reasons.

 Here's where you fill the gas tank in a '56 Cadillac.

 More found art down at the tracks, here and below

 All decked out in patriotic attire

 Compare and contrast with the preceding.

 The historic Wright's Ferry Mansion

 No need to storm Area 51. The visitors are here.

There's one now, all green and glowing - with a MAGA hat, no less.

 Free blessing box on the 300 block of Walnut, courtesy of Deb Schleh, here and below:

 A chop shop in a backyard?

 A photographer photographing North 2nd

 A surveyor surveying 4th & Locust.

Does that include the freedom of kids in cages?

 Neighbors helping neighbors

Getting the goods

 Digging on the 300 block of Avenue H

 Dates and places for the school supply drive

 Work continues at 401 Locust, here and below.

 7 years . . .

 Nice melons

 We've been getting some heavy rains lately.

 Even 401 flooded.

 Afterwards, a rainbow

 More work at 401

 Cementing the deal

 Museum Partners Condominium Association?

 Get your car detailed on North 6th.

 Big man on the job

 Progression of the sign at AJ's Surplus Grocery at Columbia Plaza:

Washing the mowers

 Here's something that can't just be washed away: ongoing mattress dumping on the 400 block of Avenue H.

  A safety issue and a public health issue?
Not to mention an "attractive nuisance."

Columbia might soon be designated "Mattress City USA," if this keeps up.

 And just to emphasize the point, here's another one on the 200 block of the same alley.

 Rear-view of the dung-out work on the 100 block of Locust

 Everyone has to start somewhere.

 Nice paint job, but why was this permitted ...

... and this wasn't?

 Mayflies - the dead and the dying

Speaking of mayflies, cyclists are actually using the mayfly bike rack at River Park.

 Open for business - or nesting ... 
This is where the black vultures were living before they "flew the coop."

 Saturday, July 20th

 Making a break for it

 Patriotic skid

 Camouflaged doors

 Poplar Street School Center for the Arts

 Neckless goose

 Legless goose

 Staring contest

 The Canadian Armada

 Alley cats: This is their turf.

 Columbia - famous for its antiques

 The Eagle has landed. Not yet, though. That'll be this Saturday, 50 years ago.

 If you feel the need to escape . . .


 Yes, it has stopped.

 Coming soon - or not at all?

 Coming soon, most likely

 Looking deep into 401 Locust

Do Lancaster police have jurisdiction here?
[Submitted photo]

 Please CONE again!



BB said...

The "kids in cages" comment hits a nerve. I really wish Presisent Obama and the Democratic leadership never did that.

Not Saying said...

Thr mess at 614 Chestnut St. is awful snd shaking the houses. See Lancaster police sign.