Friday, June 21, 2019

Proposed Market House renovations include restaurant, air conditioning, and new floor

Artwork by Hammel Associates Architects LLC showing proposed changes for the Columbia Historic Market House

If all goes well, the Columbia Historic Market House will soon be seeing some major changes. Theodore Vedock, principal architect with Hammel Associates Architects, led a conceptual meeting detailing those changes at Wednesday's meeting of Columbia's Historic Architectural Review Board on behalf of St. Joseph Children's Health.

Vedock temporarily stepped out of his role as a HARB member to present plans to the board for the market to function as a dual-use building, which would restore the public market, while also introducing a full service restaurant into the space.

A major step in that direction would entail "taking up" the existing brick floor to allow underground plumbing to be installed and to create a stable foundation for the bricks to be relaid in specific areas. Currently, bricks are set on sand that has settled, creating an uneven and unsafe floor.

Ted Vedock explains plans for the Market House at HARB's Wednesday night meeting.

[Artwork by Hammel Associates Architects LLC]

Vedock also noted some specifics currently in mind for the restaurant, including a commercial kitchen to be located at the building's southeast corner. Existing masonry openings will be used for the plumbing and ductwork, with no plans to create any new openings. A large area in the middle of the building will provide dedicated seating for the restaurant. There will also be a small seating area on the Third Street side for market patrons. Market stands of various sizes will circle the building's interior, and several sinks will be spread throughout, but not every area will have a sink.

The restaurant's main hours are still being worked out but may differ from those of the market. For example, the restaurant might be open when the market is open but may have longer hours.

[Artwork by Hammel Associates Architects LLC]

First floor plan showing proposed renovations for the Market House

The existing heating system will be supplemented with an air conditioning unit to be located on the mezzanine directly above the restaurant. The condensing unit will be located at the southeast corner of the municipal parking lot where two parking spaces would be used. All plumbing will run underground into the building from there.

The building's main entrance will be located just off the rear alley, with parking to be accommodated in the rear lot. In addition, Sadie Lane, which runs between the market and the municipal building, might eventually be closed for pedestrian traffic either entirely or only during market days to provide outdoor seating and space for temporary market stands.

The existing restroom area will be demolished and replaced with new construction that includes modern fixtures and is ADA compliant. Exterior entrances to the restrooms will be eliminated. No changes are proposed for the basement.

Some possibilities for new signage

Finally, exterior light fixtures on the Third Street side will be replaced, as well as all building signage.

Vedock told the board he plans to return at its August meeting for a final review and a request for action. There was no discussion of funding at Wednesday's meeting.

[Artwork by Hammel Associates Architects LLC]


anonymous said...

Taking away what "Historic" is all about!! Should level it and make NEW!!

Columbiacitizen said...

So who exactly will be the owner of the proposed restaurant?

Joe Lintner said...

The borough will still own the building.
Major renovations to the building will be the responsibility of the borough, but CHI will be responsible for renovations for the restaurant. Revenues will be written to CHI, and lease agreements with vendors will come to CHI. CHI would absorb up to $65,000 of losses per year. If losses exceed $65,000 per year, CHI will meet with the borough and report that.

Unknown said...

I like to see progress being made in Columbia. Other great plans were supposed to happen at Bank Alley and Locust St., but all we got was a big hole in the ground. What's happening there? What progress is being made there? Same with the supposed hotel at the chip factory. Back to the market..the concept is great as are the drawings. I do hope the Columbia Dungeons under the market are not lost in the process though. Also, Columbia needs parking for visitors to come and enjoy these things for more than 30 minutes (time to feed the meter).

anonymous said...

This is a business for CHI! I see mostly all the MONEY going to CHI! Is this rent FREE!!

anonymous said...

CHI can care less about the vendors! All it cares about is the restaurant! None profit CHI on somethings BUT that is just a front!!