Friday, June 7, 2019

Agenda - Columbia Borough Council Regular Meeting, June 11, 2019

The complete council packet can be downloaded HERE.

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Anonymous said...

Concerned Columbians need to pack the house at this meeting and show there disapproval of the River park plan or get prepared for even higher taxes. In fact, all PA residents should voice their concerns as they will be asked to fund much of this misguided spending.

It is a bad plan conceived by an outside consultant whose interest are collecting fees and winning accolades from others in their profession in order to justify ever higher fees and repeating the whole process somewhere else. It is the kind of plan that enforces the notion that Cafe 301 will be more popular and successful than the Black Olive. It’s the kind of plan that shows how sensitive and sophisticated Columbia is instead of a plan that attracts visitors and spurs economic progress. It is the kind of plan that believes Garth can sell as much coffee as Dunking Donuts because it has uplifting art instead of upfilling donuts.

If you want to spend tax money to show the world how ‘with it’ Columbia is, then, indeed, build the River Hammock. If you want visitors and economic gain build a boardwalk. Yes, a boardwalk complete with cheap attractions, cheap trinkets, beer, games of chance, and junk food. If you want to build an outdoor classroom it’s a good plan, if you want to build a place to enjoy nature, connect the park to the trail without making me walk a half mile along the bypass.

/2 - al dodson