Sunday, June 9, 2019

About Town 6/9/19

This week's photos from Columbia

The Life Cycles Team made a few stops during a ride through town on Saturday. According to their website: "The mission of LIFECYCLES is to build young men of character in a Christ-centered bicycle touring adventure experience for urban teens with a mentoring program to guide them into adulthood."

There they go!


 Old Glory hanging low



 Bench ribbon

 Environmentally safe lane dividing line

 Isn't there an ordinance addressing bicycles on sidewalks?

High weeds and brush at this road leading to the entrance to Route 30 East obstruct the line of sight.


 Most likely to discuss the proposed mixed-use development at the former Columbia Drive-in site.

 A kayaker practicing kayak roll training techniques under the bridge on Tuesday


 A section of the bridge - just because

 Bridge inspectors used Harcon equipment this week to inspect the Veterans Memorial Bridge.

 Here's a look at the "bucket boat."

 Time to put the boat away.

 Loading it up

Vehicle with a trailer properly parked in the "vehicle with a trailer" parking space(s)

 Here are a few photos of the "bridge tracker" - under the bridge, of course.


 Hanging on beside an unruly river

A few photos of the newly sealed Columbia Plaza parking lot...
AJ's Surplus Grocery Store will be moving into the former Musser's Market site in the near future.


 Skyworks worker pondering stormy skies?

 Humongous farm equipment rolling through

 Watch out for that cyclist!

 Signs like this recently appeared on the high school hill.

 On Friday, there was a two-vehicle accident at the confusing intersection at 5th & Chestnut. The Red Rose Transit bus was held up for about five minutes.

Two good people of Columbia cleaned up the debris, although not the "good people" Mayor Lutz would have deemed as such, since he is the self-appointed arbiter of such things.


 NO PARKING sign, almost visible

 Glory under glass

Some folks get what they want.

Some don't.
Is it discriminatory?

 Leafy stove

 Newly alighted on the mural

 Caped Crusader

 Patriotic rock

 In memory

 Crossing sign on North 3rd, badly beaten

 A cover-up from the top down

Columbia Park Rangers trimmed trees, applied mulch, and generally cleaned up several blocks of Locust Street on Saturday. Some of the tree grates on the 300 block appear to have been removed.


 Wide turn at 5th & Chestnut, one of many

 Another sealing operation, this one at Wells Fargo

 Aptly christened by local birds

 Down at the former No. 1 Fire Company building

 K.T. Graham is moving in.

 Construction-to-be at 401 Locust

 Does the ATM accept gold?

 Over on North 3rd:
NO PARKING authorized by . . .
City of Lancaster Bureau of Police?

Yes, Columbia Borough, end it.
Borough Council doesn't represent the majority of Columbia citizens.


Daniel Shade of 125 Bethel Street submitted the following photos showing the sub-standard work currently being done on Bethel Street by a contractor hired by the Borough. 

The following four photos show the before and after of a downspout connection at his house. The first two show the work done by the contractor. Shade did the fix shown in the last two photos. He also said the sidewalk joints are crooked and wavy, and some of the curbs are cracked.


Radical rag said...

The sign in the middle of the street on 3rd, is a waste of money, if your gonna put a yield or slow for pedestrian crossing put the sign by a cross walk, which is where people are typicaly suppost to cross the street, not in the middle,, just saying i think its tight enough on that section of 3rd with out a sign in the middle of the road

TheNomad said...

Our tax money is being wasted ! The poor workmanship is very obvious. Drain lines for spouting is already at base level of the street and will be partially covered by the top coat. The spouting pipes are done without care. And look at the top photo how the sidewalk is a steep slope at 123 Bethel street and the crooked joint and the next property down. Curbs are already cracked everywhere. Make them fix this before its complete!

TheNomad said...

This is our tax money being wasted ! Drains are already at base road level. They will be partially covered by the top coat. Curbs are cracked. Control joints are terribly wavy and crooked. The sidewalk at 123 Bethel st looks like a ski slope. I had to repair my own down spout after my brother recorded them stating they would take care of it. The first photos were their repair. I repaired it myself today and I have the receipt to prove it. The boro needs to make them repair these problems before they finish.

Unknown said...

Cole, the Table Set for One or the Missing Man Table is a tribute to fallen warriors. Here's more from The American Legion on the tradition.

and here's another source:

Joe Lintner said...

Thanks. I thought that was the case, but I wasn't sure.

Sue said...

Why do we still have the trolley signs up when the trolley is not running anymore