Sunday, June 23, 2019

About Town 6/23/19

This week's photos from Columbia...

At the Veterans Memorial Bridge Plaza

 The deck at Smith's Hotel for outside dining

 These two men were taking readings near the Columbia River Park this week.

 They had some sort of monitor on board.

 Fencing at 401 Locust

 Workmen on North Ninth

 Here's how you cut a road.

 River view

 More babies

 Low overhead?

 Craft coffee from Strasburg

 Fenced in or fenced out at 401 Locust?

 Across the street: Pyramid Construction Services will store equipment in this lot while working on the addition to 401 Locust.

 401 Locust, soon to be getting an addition, as Columbia Spy reported HERE.

 Elsewhere . . . black vulture fledglings

 Another view

 Living Stones Masonry recently used its product to cover the exterior of its office area.

 Home of the Huskies

 Broken bollard at Locust Street Park

 Here's a closer look.

 Raising the Pennsylvania flag at Locust Street Park

 Listening closely

 Early evening at the river

 Duck fight!


 Not a good combination: foil balloons and electrical wires


 Killdeer preening on a track

 Work resumes at 208-210 Locust.

 Here's a load of drywall.

 Surveying on North 7th

 White poodle among the green

 So when does it open?

 A look inside

 Antique television

 Tubes for making tubas?

 New look at Bootleg Antiques


 Cleaning up the neighborhood

 Patching things up

 A fledgling blue jay

 Car antennas are good for other things, too.

 Going for the Michael Bolton look?
(Or maybe Dee Snider?)

Uh-oh - Mama's back!

 Reaching out at 401 Locust

Your friendly neighborhood Spiderman

Your friendly neighborhood Spiderwoman?

 Groundbreaking can't be far behind.

 Down on Bank Avenue . . .

 Quick ticket, please!
(Maybe several)

 A piece of the bridge

 Hometown Columbia

 NAWCC = National Association of Watch & Clock Collectors

 Into the clouds

 At the Columbia Pregnancy Center, now located at 462 Chestnut Street

 What appear to be large strips of bacon are actually pieces of wood for sale at Tollbooth Antiques.

 Waterlogged . . .
The river's been above normal most of this week.

 Nothing like smoking a cigar while breathing in the fresh air.

 Boat ride

 Parking for vehicles with trailers only

 Says so right there.

 Goin' fishin'

 Quite a catch

 Above it all, looking down on everyone

 Lovin' that river

 SO...where is the top of that fixture anyway?

Mark your calendar!

 Squatters in Avenue H

Delivering drywall at the side entrance to 101 North Front Street

 Eastern Drillers owns the building, but 101 North Front Street LLC is leasing the corner portion for a soon-to-be ice cream/coffee shop under a five-year agreement.

Here's a look inside at the work in progress.

 Napping behind bars

 Even school buses break down sometimes.

 Power nap

 Bikes on board

Including this little one

This logo and the bikes shown above were on a camper parked at Columbia River Park Sunday morning (6/23/19). The camper appears to belong to a traveling family of five from Brittany, France. Their website is HERE.

A few photos submitted by Todd Stahl:

 At the Front Street mural (here and below):

Flooding, muddy water

Weeds along the trail need to be trimmed back.

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Radical rag said...

The blactop patches on 5th street ( rt 462) are like riding on a wash board, for a main road they shouldnt be that bad, does anyone check over any contractors work???