Sunday, June 2, 2019

About Town 6/2/19

Recent photos from Columbia...

Mike McKonly cuts the ribbon at the Columbia Animal Shelter's grand opening on Saturday.

(And who hasn't felt this way some mornings?)

 One horsepower

 Sign, amended

Future home of Amvets Post #153

 So this means we're already great again?

 And the speed limit is what now?

Sunny bunting

Yep, there it is.

 Taking a peek

 Start of a new fad?

 Parking enforcement

Sun behind fog

Laurel Hill under fog

 Columbia under fog

 Does anybody really know what time it is?

 Time to learn about birth control?

 Trying to fit in

Long boat

 June 15

 Peregrine Falcon Fledge Watch

 Struttin' his stuff.

 Backin' 'er up

 Head goose

 3 in a row

  Here's how not to park your JLG.

Listening in

 Helicopters like this one flew over several times Saturday morning.

 From 100% real cows, one assumes

Looks like the mural is almost finished.
(Here and below)


 Campaign sign

 Several powered hang gliders flew over on Saturday evening.
(Here and below)


 Double time

 Do you "C" the problem now?


 Free summer meals for kids & teens
(Check the banner for details.)

 Tree grate

 One of the many uses of duct tape

 LED sign in operation at St. Paul Episcopal Church
Here's a posting for a yard sale.

 And here's one for a car show.

 Where's Dave?

 Treetop ornament

Flying high!

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