Sunday, June 16, 2019

About Town 6/16/19

This week's photos from Columbia

Inspectors are still checking the Veterans Memorial Bridge.

 Work is proceeding at 401 Locust.

 Are they comparing numbers?

 Where's the top of that light fixture?

 Conversation indoors

 Back at the bridge

 Except local deliveries . . . ?

 At the former Rita's

 Happy lady

 Borough workers working hard

 Illegal left at 5th & Chestnut, a regular occurrence

 Childhood home of Columbia's "Flying Ace" Lieutenant John Knox MacArthur, which Columbia Spy reported on HERE.

 He reportedly lived there at 303 Chestnut Street.

 Civil War Trails sign on North 3rd -
A history of local goings-on in the Civil War can be found HERE.

  Under the wagon

 The superheroes have come to town.
About time.

 Fenced in

 New lines at the Columbia Plaza

 New pharmacy-to-be on the first block of North 4th

 Lots of rentals

 Caught escaping!

 V-neck fence

 Life finds a way.

 Exterminating Columbia Crossing

 Controlling the pests

 We want our sidewalk back. The apartment building project at 132 Locust Street has stalled due to lack of funds. At the June 11, 2019 Columbia Borough Council meeting, Zoning Enforcement Manager Jeff Helm said "It's time to put their feet to the fire," due to issues at the site.
("The best laid plans of mice and men . . .")

 Inside the Market House

 A closer look

 Jehovah's Witness

Putting in a dock

 Almost ready

 Mountain of trash on North 3rd on Wednesday -
By this time, it had been there several days.

 When you believe in your product -
Living Stones is covering its office area at Front & Locust with . . .
Living Stones.


 Aftermath of this week's tree-cutting at 7th & Locust

 Chinooks flying over again

 Gettin' there

Mountain of trash on Thursday, with a few additions

 Grand Opening of Taco to Go at its new location...

114 North 3rd

Under a halo of flowers

 Unwilling to talk

 One down, one to go

 Newfangled carriage?

Back at the bridge . . . again

 Mountain of trash on Friday - with a few more additions - shortly before it was removed, thanks to the persistence of a concerned citizen.

 Shouldn't that sign be facing the other way 'round?

 Up at the Air bnb on the 1100 block of Locust

 Everywhere, it seems.

 Face to face, eye to eye

 Car show marker

 Here's another one.

 Still hanging around that bridge

Over at the quarry

 Tie a blue ribbon around the old river bush.

 And do it again.

 Art at Columbia Crossing

 Happy kayaker

The reality of a fire truck under the illusion of a Gothic arch

 Painting at Bootleg Antiques

Shadows in the sunlight

 Not everyone thinks so.



Aftermath of a Saturday afternoon vehicle accident at 5th & Maple

 The intersection has been the site of many such accidents.

 One person was taken by ambulance.


 The mural: mission accomplished

Here's another look.

 Sign, not entirely accurate

 Artist Jay Dombach paints a river scene Sunday afternoon.

Overlooking the bridge plaza - Rosemary's baby carriage?


Sue said...

What is going in at the former Rita's

Anonymous said...

The reconstruction of the Veterans Memorial Bridge will have a huge impact on traffic in Columbia and the entire region, especially if traffic is shut down in both directions. I wonder if the state has discussed this with borough management and what plans are being made to handle the traffic interruptions.

The intersection of 5th and Lancaster Avenue is a prime example of the disconnect between Penn DOT and local government. The borough can do little because it it a state maintained road (462) and, well, Penn DOT is apparently uninterested in creating a safer intersection. It is ill conceived and poorly marked. It took several weeks for me to spot the no left turn sign when I first moved to Columbia.

/2 - al dodson

Joe Lintner said...

Possibly a Dunkin Donuts, based on the December 20, 2018 meeting minutes of the West Hempfield Township Planning Commission.