Sunday, June 30, 2019

About Town 6/30/19

This week's pics from Columbia (and beyond)

 They're growing up. 
Compare with last week's photos of them.
(They're black vultures.)

 This building, once a part of the Colonial Metals operation, is FOR LEASE.

 Several-day-old trash, once again, on North 3rd (near Walnut). We understand that the borough is now starting to pick up this trash.

 Cesar (Viveros) fretting over the masterpiece

 This building on North 3rd, formerly part of Colonial Metals, and before that a restaurant, is now FOR LEASE. 

 The cause of this "traffic jam"...

 at the T intersection of Walnut and North 2nd was this double-parked and unoccupied car...

 even though ample parking was available.

 More guys at work - 5th and Locust

 Bethel Street roadwork

 Cesar and associate, adding a few finishing touches

 Vote for Hobie.

 A surveyor is surveying, but what's that guy doing on the right?

 Nope, wrong way

 Painting the Lloyd Mifflin House on Walnut

 Fireworks for sale

Morning light

 Morning flight

 Peeking out at 401 Locust

 Two young men on a "mission"

 Details of another of our historic buildings

 The town belongs to all of us, not just a self-chosen few.

 This once read "FIRE ESCAPE."

 There's the fire escape (at the rear of Hotel Locust).

 Lookin' good at 101 North Front Street, soon to be a coffee and ice cream shop

 Public Art Station at Columbia Crossing

 Fishin' on the dock

 Pondering the next move

 Reading and relaxing

 Stars and Stripes

 Posting signs for the Antique, Art & Craft Show

 Sidewalk table at 301 Locust

 At 3rd & Locust
Why is it here?
Didn't we have a bypass built or something?

 On track, on the tracks

 It's a clean machine.

 Formerly Rita's, soon to be Dunkin.

 More to do at 101 North Front

 Someone went to a lot of toil and trouble to stack these rocks at River Park.

 Most likely to help launch canoes and kayaks
(Or is it River Park Phase III?)

 He carries his own toy.


 Nestled among the trees

 If you go far enough down Maple Street, you might end up in Wrightsville.


Director B Harrison Smith addresses the audience at the premiere of The Special Friday night at the Appell Center in York.

 Most of the actors were present after the screening. The film will probably be shown on Netflix in the near future.

 Some of the scenes were filmed in Columbia, as Columbia Spy reported on HERE.
(Director Harrison Smith is pictured far right.)

There was even free popcorn provided by Popcorn Buddha on the way out.

Here are a few pics from Todd Stahl:

 Railroad tunnel

 Canada geese advancing

 The Columbia Crossing trailhead

The long and winding trail

Properly parked