Sunday, May 5, 2019

About Town 5/5/19

This week's photos from around Columbia

The "Onewheels" invaded Columbia yesterday.  A Onewheel is a type of electric skateboard.


Something happens Tuesday 7AM-11AM

Blossom on the trunk

Replacement tree at Rotary Park

And there it is.

A little late, but here are some students' Arbor Day illustrations on the 200 block of Locust.

Residents at the Columbia Animal Shelter

Resident of the outdoors

Assorted throwaways, including tires, an antique TV and, of course, a mattress

 Three-star flag

Under the bridge, things aren't looking so good.

Here's the tree that was down at Rotary Park.

The 100 block of North 4th, self-explanatory

Always make sure your drawers are snug.

 Down around the bridge

 Bike cache

Free-range eggs available at Mullen Books, 121 Walnut Street

Seagull rising

Fully risen

 Let's hope we won't need it at least until December.

Bug, elevated

 Street, swept

One of the ubiquitous ROAD CLOSED signs

Seen at River Park

Apparently official

Line-up at Tollbooth Antiques

Vehicle full of deer heads in the Turkey Hill Experience parking lot:

The disembodied heads are owned by a guy named Randy who was driving the Penske truck and said he's moving to Georgia. 

One last look


 Lending a hand

Ready to shovel

 The red, white & blue, and black

The junk artist is at it again.

Historic steps

On a mission on Bank Avenue

The mission: Move remnants of the Eberly Myers apartment building project at the bottom of Locust Street away from the parking lot.

Mission accomplished

This election is not about party but about replacing the two incumbents running for re-election with candidates for change. As the saying goes, "Throw the rascals out!" 

A wheelchair for all seasons

Watcher in the window

That's strange. You're walking down the sidewalk on Poplar Street, and suddenly you're in someone's front yard.

ABC27 on the scene at the High School to learn about the upcoming security upgrade

One of the five workout stations around the track at the High School

Pictographs help explain the exercises.

Here's the flip side.

 Totally gone


 Engineers engineering

Aftermath of last week's fire at 521 Locust Street

Notes of encouragement

Free skids, etc. at Peerless Hardware

In need of care

 Are they on the right track?

 Defiant vehicle

 Mosaic of some sort

 School board candidates

More junk in the street

 Kirklin Hammill-Torres and a '72 Impala at Saturday's "Cruisin' for Cats" car show sponsored by the Columbia Animal shelter

 Pollinator Friendly Garden/Bird Habitat on 10th Street

 And there it is.

 Soon-to-be sidewalk on Bethel

(The red car in the background was making a U-turn at the intersection. A few seconds later, another car came barreling through the stop sign on Second Street and made a right turn down Walnut and swerved to avoid the double-parker.)

At the offices of the former Colonial Metals

Adhesive tape works wonders.

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