Sunday, May 12, 2019

About Town 5/12/19

This week's photos from around Columbia

 Juggler juggling

At River Park

His name is Phil, and he's from York.

The next panel in the mural

Artist consultation (lower left)

 Abstract (from this angle) graffiti on a Civil War Bridge pier

 Newly painted sign at the plaza

 This one too

 The railing at the Columbia Crossing is damaged.
(Here and below)


 Stick birds

 One-sided conversation

 Don't snivel.

 Catbird, not meowing

 Watch your step.

 Checking out the underside of the Wrights Ferry Bridge

 Talking it over

Across the river

 Does this qualify as public nudity?

 Only the best for our public servants

 Meanwhile down at the tracks

 Down but not out

 No no no

 CDFD responded to a fire call on the 100 block of South 3rd on Thursday morning. The call was traced back to a tenant melting a wax material, according to the CBFD Facebook page.

 Pressure washing the former Colonial Metals building

 Just can't get rid of the remnants of that sign.

 Try try try

 Don't go there.
You don't know the power . . .

 Once again, you're walking on the sidewalk, and you're about to be in someone's front yard.

 Police procession

 Alex Sable's obituary is HERE.

 National Extreme Storm Chaser

 Side view

 Officer Bell at yet another accident at 4th & Poplar.  Could the problem be due to that hedge on 4th Street blocking the line of sight?

 School board candidates

The eagle has landed.
[Submitted photo]

 Killdeer cleaning up


 Takin' a bath

Ready for the prom



Denise Frey said...

And the tv's are still there!!

Radical rag said...

As far as the damaged railing, did the cameras, see anything or anyone doing the damage?