Sunday, April 7, 2019

About Town 4/7/19

This week's photos from around Columbia
(Click/tap on photos to see larger, clearer images.)

Making an inquiry

Curious character and big brother

 As we all know by now, Northwest Bank's Locust Street office is closed. 

 Obviously, so is the night drop.

 Former location of the ATM

 Here's a "refinery sealed" cap (?)

 Slowly but surely on North 4th

 Bank crash

 Nail salon on the first block of North 4th

 Guy getting a lift

 Photo session

 Many people do.

 Watch out for that shovel!

 Two more guys getting a lift - on the 300 block of Chestnut

 Lots o' logs

 Long plane

 Point of contact

 Nasty stare

 Morning announcements

 Sometimes, things just pop up.

 Mr. and Mrs. Canada Goose

 The poodle gods on the 100 block of Walnut were recently painted.

 Here's another look.

 Blocks missing at the clock plaza due to a vehicle accident or two

 Dumpster full of doors (and other stuff) at Eastern Drillers

 Here's a historic (or simply just old) door down there.

And here's a . . . portable handicapped parking sign?

 Vantage point?

 Hot cars - very cool

 Saturday's nice weather brought out kayakers and boaters.

 A No Parking sign fading away

 On Sunday afternoon, Columbia Spy saw Johnny Irizarry in town. He is the chief executive officer of the Soldiers of Light (SOL tactical security). Columbia will be seeing more of him in the near future.
(Check out SOL's Facebook page.) 

So, spring really has sprung.

A set of historic (or simply just old) doors on North 2nd.

 Black vulture atop brick chimney

These birds aren't as harmless as once thought. They occasionally hang around on rooftops and pick at shingles.

Mirror repair required


Pamela Williams said...

I think that "long plane" is Air Force One. What do you think? Was it flying over Columbia?

Anonymous said...

the plane is air force 2