Sunday, April 28, 2019

About Town - 4/28/19

This week's photos from around Columbia...
(Click/tap on photos to see larger, clearer images.)

 Strollin' down Avenue I

 Time for a trim

 Watchdog watching

 Solar power!

 Flowery frog on the wall

 Lawn mowing at Locust Street Park


 Moon in the clouds

 Shadows looming

 Still waiting for our very own Banksy

 Lots o' trash in Avenue H

 This equipment belongs to the Susquehanna River Basin Commission.

The Commission checks the water quality of the Susquehanna from New York to Maryland 26 times a year.

 Didn't Columbia Borough's solicitors have an office here on the 400 block of Locust?

 A few days later - It's still there.

He found one of Columbia's nuts.

 The Columbia Presbyterian Church gave out food to residents on Thursday. The night before, borough officials, local big shots, and Urban Land Institute out-of-towners enjoyed a catered dinner at Columbia Crossing on the taxpayers' dime. (By the way, that $10,000 ULI study didn't tell us anything we couldn't have figured out on our own.)

Watchcat watching

 Ready to fly

 Could have been lucrative, according to this song.

 One man's trash is another squirrel's treasure - or something like that.

 Love in the grass

 Some folks call these weeds "elephant ears."

 Truck 80 returning

 Up on 8th Street

Biking for fitness

 Once thriving in Columbia

 Two of the original bridge light fixtures at Sahd's Salvage

 Has liberty died?

 Snapped off

 Old school way of installing a door frame, big shims and all

 This was free.

 Men at work

 School board candidates

 More sidewalk seats to watch the town go by

New "katerer'?
(3rd & Cherry)

The works of Columbia artist Rosemary Horn Robinson were on display at Mount Bethel today. Her bio and some of her illustrations are shown below.


Anonymous said...

Where is the parking at 3rd and cherry streets???

Anonymous said...

The derelict Simi trailers parked next to Sahd’s are a good look coming into town. They remind me that Columbia is just like them; behind the times and going nowhere. It can change starting with the next election.

/2 - al dodson

Anonymous said...

the dumpster on ave h has got to go. where in the heck is the code dept? and WHY aren't they walking the downtown beat EVERY DAY??????????

Anonymous said...

Are you Kidding the Mayor and his sidekicks can't walk the streets and alleys this would tire them out and then they would need to use their Sick Days at the expense of the Taxpayers and we don't want them being TOOOOOOO tired do we. Too many Benefits, not enough work.

Radical rag said...

That was rescue 80, truck 80 has an aerial device on the top of it,,,

Anonymous said...

Was that our infamous Superintendent Tom Strickler walking in for a haircut?

Joe Lintner said...


Unknown said...

Columbia is a dump, and always will be! This is the most backwwbac thinking town in Lancaster county.

Mary said...

Couldn't let this error go unanswered, for Council there are no sick benefits other than the $100 per month less required with holdings.

Anonymous said...

Just wondering, not because of Strickler, but just in general, because I don't know- What's the law with putting folks' picture on your site without their permission? Did you ask the parents of the kids on bikes? Do you have to?

Joe Lintner said...


Anonymous said...

Fair enough. I like the part that reads "This is perhaps one of the most difficult issues for people to accept. I suspect if you polled a thousand people, the vast majority of them would get this wrong. It doesn’t “feel right” that someone can take a picture of some mom and her son or daughter in a public park and then publish it in a newspaper, magazine, or website. And yet, it is perfectly legal."

Anonymous said...

Council's perks are realizing their own personal agendas.

Anonymous said...

What, no Arbor Day pics

Joe Lintner said...

Paul Resch posted some on Facebook:

Anonymous said...

The mayor said illegal parking is ok for 15 min or less(parking at yellow lines) , for pick up of food, WOW how many tickets need refunded . Maybe he put his foot in his mouth again or more lies to cover old lies a trend with this administration.