Sunday, April 21, 2019

About Town 4/21/19

This week's photos from around Columbia...
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Angel Rodriguez is one of many Columbians opposed to the borough's unnecessary tax hike.

On Saturday, members of the Columbia Borough Fire Department and the Mount Joy Fire Department paid their final respects to Staff Sergeant Benjamin Hines, as his military escort passed by. Hines was killed in Afghanistan on April 9.  The hearse carrying his body is seen in the lower left.
[Photo by Tim Coover]

Prior to the funeral detail, CBFD firefighters rescued a cat in a tree at the trailer park off Meadow Lane in West Hempfield Township.

[Photos by Lauren Fritz]

 Back in Columbia: Where are the sidewalks?

 Sign down on 9th!

 High winds took a toll earlier in the week.

Here's more evidence of the fact - out at Glatfelter's.

 More road work. Will it ever be finished?

 The realtor handling the former Northwest Bank building on Locust... also handling the former Union Community Bank building along the highway.

 Bigfoot doesn't exist, and neither does the cleaning fairy. But the Albatwitch does!

 More goings-on at the Market House. Things are operating on "faith" at this point.

 Here are the Market's sidesteps leading to the dungeon area, where, according to legend, Columbia's miscreants were placed in former days. We might want to revisit that practice for some present-day officials and businesspersons.

 More mattress mania

 A developer had big plans, but all we got was this lousy swimming pool.

 Break time at River Park

 Have a seat, sit back, and watch. Columbia is "the show that never ends."

The former AMVETS building on North 2nd was just sold to Cimarron Investments, LLC for $175,000, according to Columbia News, Views & Reviews.  

 A well-rounded view of Columbia in Avenue H

Activity at the 4th Street Firehouse:

Anyway, here's the contact info, in case you want to lease the place.

Just around the corner from the firehouse, in Avenue H - a surveyor about to survey

 An open-window policy is apparently in effect.

 Looks like the rehab house at 119 North 5th is no more.

 The wine & spirits store is returning May 2. Not a moment too soon.

 This is how some people dispose of old vehicles.

 Flat car, good for riding the rails and such

 So that's where those markers went.

 Nabbed one.

 More goings-on at Front & Walnut

"Lazybones, sleepin' in the sun
How you 'spect to get your day's work done?
You'll never get your day's work done sleepin' in the noonday sun..."

"Lazybones, loafin' all the day
How you 'spect to make a dime that way?
You won't make no dime that way loafin' in the shade all day."
["Lazybones" by Johnny Mercer & Hoagy Carmichael]

 Scraping along

 Something happening on the bridge

 These two are collecting water samples with that fish-shaped container. They're most likely from the US Geological Survey, whose workers collected samples in 2017, as Columbia Spy reported HERE.

 Double trouble

 Animal lover

 Cowgirl and big K

 This is what you might see if you drink and drive. So don't do it.

Spraying down the sidewalk, just in time for...

 ...the big watchamacallit.

 Crimson & Gold tulip (with a visitor)

Speaking of Crimson & Gold, here are some softball players, as seen at Glatfelter's Field #3:


Apartment living 

Maybe they could move here.

 At Hermansader's Gallery on the 400 block of Locust

Delivery man at CVS waiting for someone to unlock the door

 Rumor has it that this person is still alive, but he hasn't been seen in town for years. Reports of his existence are unconfirmed at this point.

 Looks like things are bustling at Living Stones Masonry at 39 Front Street.

 There's the Coast Guard flying over.

 Sandpiper strolling at River Park

 Bins of scrap at the Gordon Waste weigh-in

 A mixture of styles and materials - with mixed results

 Making a point at Park Side Auto Sales

 Rolling along on 462

 Also on 462: pedestrians exiting from Saturday's Easter egg hunt, trying to cross the highway without assistance

Someone must have slept through driver's ed. 

 What is it?
Where is it?
Do you know?

 New barber shop to open at 4th & Union?

 It's Nick's Barber Shop.

This rusty scaffolding now qualifies as art, having been left in place for over 10 years. It can now be legally exhibited in a gallery. 
[Submitted photo]


Anonymous said...

Know just whose house that is been there longer than ten years time for him to get off of council

/2 said...

The car’s not Barry’s, but it might have been at some time. Life’s not particularly fair; may he Rest In Peace.

Anonymous said...

Yes, and get a permit to remove since it has been there for so long!!!