Sunday, April 14, 2019

About Town 4/14/19

This week's photos from around Columbia...
(Click/tap on photos for larger, clearer images.)

Enjoying the River Park on a nice day. No telling if they'll go uptown to Hinkle's, because there's no way you can tell, unless you follow them or take a survey. Guesswork, supposition, and wishful thinking don't provide accurate answers. 

Some folks recycle clothing in bins such as this one, a few of which are located around town. Speaking of recycling, the online publication Recycling Today published an article in February about the manufacturer California Metal-X taking over the Colonial Metals plant. The article states: "... the company is not seeking financial assistance from local government entities." Some businesses are successful enough to make it on their own and don't need to rely on taxpayer money.

Cimarron Investments, LLC, which owns this property at 430 Walnut Street, recently entered into an open end mortgage and security agreement with Centric Bank, the details of which are posted HERE. Columbia News, Views & Reviews has posted this and similar business transactions HERE.

 Also, the Columbia Water Company has been busy in the 400 block of Avenue H over the last week or two, running water lines to the building shown above.

 Meanwhile, right next to Avenue H, there's also been recent activity at the 4th Street firehouse, as shown here and below.

But, as with this utility pole, it's all a numbers game.

In other news, here are a few photos of the 2019 Columbia Crimson Tide Baseball Team.

 Also on school district grounds: A sidewalk at the District Administration Center was dug up and redone this week, which is progress of a sort.

At the Columbia United Methodist Church...
The King James version states: "In whom ye also are builded together for an habitation of God through the Spirit."

 "Free Queen Size": At least it's better than leaving it in an alley.

 This is sometimes the first thing people see when coming into town off the highway.

 The 800 block of Walnut is blocked off, so just turn right onto 8th.

 Nope, that won't work.

 With the ubiquitous roadwork happening, this is a common sight around town these days.

 Mormon Elders on 9th Street, invoking the ghost of Joseph Smith.

They thought they had a captive audience. (But guys, I just don't think she's that into you.)

 Face of an angel at Holy Trinity Cemetery

 And here's a father and son.

 This seems to be a balancing act. (There's a lot of symbolism there.)

 As the sign says. there's space available at the Columbia Plaza since Musser's Market left. Could the recent tax hike have been the final straw?

 They're doing it again - dumping at the end of Wright Street and beyond, as shown here and below.

Here's one of many faded signs around town.

 Here's another one that looks like it might be a promotion for breast cancer awareness

 Artist at work - minus the artist

 Different people want different things.

 Under surveillance

A new health center on Chestnut Street

 Here's a longer view.

 This is one of the new lights that were recently installed at Locust Street Park.

 These signs have probably seen better days.

 This alley, which runs from Florence Street to 9th is not named on Google Maps, so it might be one of Columbia's famous "private alleys." And yet it seems to be a public throughway.

 Nevertheless, it's not been well-maintained, probably due to the fact that it's on the southeastern side of town - the forgotten zone, as far as local government is concerned.

 There are even what appear to be railroad ties or the like embedded in the blacktop.

Here's a close-up.

Yesterday, the nice weather brought folks out, including this guy riding in style on a three-wheeler.

Even the flowers were out.


Anonymous said...

Live on that block of manor and have heard it is private but we can't park there because its "public."

Radical rag said...

If you look at the first pic, the bench looks like its about to break, ( not saying anything ignorant) just curious if the benches have been looked at , or maybe need repaired?

Anonymous said...

all that trash in the 400 block of Locust St odd side is 100% UNACCEPTABLE. This has been going on for far too long. What happened to giving them a DAILY CITATION???? this is ANOTHER reason that the code dept personnel SHOULD BE WALKING THE DOWNTOWN BEAT EVERY SINGLE DAY STARTING AT 8 AM. seriously?

Anonymous said...

The picture of the guy donating clothing is so heartfelt. It is a great example of how kind caring and positive people should be. God bless him.

Anonymous said...

Why are most of your pictures so negative

Anonymous said...

Not sure I understand how a picture is negative

Anonymous said...


/2 said...

The trash on Locust St. is an issue between the borough and the trash hauler. The business’ and residents are simply putting the trash where they have been told it will be picked up. Perhaps they should just toss it into the alley.

Anonymous said...

No, this is an issue for the code department. Quick tickets are issued for trash bags that are not in containers. This is a weekly occurrence.

Anonymous said...

Doubt that taxes were an issue with Mussers since taxes are paid on property not business and the property is still there.