Tuesday, March 5, 2019

DA spokesman says forfeiture-funded lease is A-OK

The following information is posted at the Facebook page for the Lancaster County District Attorney's Office HERE.

We aim to provide all the details – and full context – regarding the authorized forfeiture-funded lease of a Toyota SUV, so here are a few things of critical import:

1. The document below is an approval form, from the county controller.

2. This situation is NOT unique; other Pa. DAs do this or drive seized vehicles. Some use taxpayer funds instead. Forfeiture funds are NOT taxpayer dollars.

3. All use of forfeiture funds are audited annually by the controller and Attorney General; we have been in full compliance every year for every expense.

4. This is a work vehicle and all expenses (to include mileage and fuel reimbursements) were appropriate, per the controller. The taxpayer/county is owed nothing regarding this vehicle.

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