Sunday, March 17, 2019

About Town 3/17/19

This week's photos from around Columbia
(Tap/click on photos for larger, clearer images.)

 Plate removal

 Let's hope someone killed the power.

 Commemorative brick?

 More found art

 New or vintage?

 Fallen angel

 Bar, and its partner . . .



Navy flag, right next to the apostrophe abuse

 Here's a closer look.

 Illuminated vase

 Go in the back way, ladies. It's not proper for a respectable lady to be seen entering a hotel through the front door.

 Wall marker

 Up, up, and away!

 Tracks looking for a vanishing point

 Power poodles
(Can you find the cat?

 A horse is a horse, of course, of course - unless it's a statue.

Proud and mighty star at Laurel Hill

 Showing signs of age. Rumor has it, repairs will be done this summer.

 Auf wiedersehen, for now

 The former Poplar Street School - located on . . . which street?

 Hopefully it's empty.

 Mating forklifts?

 Ready for summer - or winter?

 And if someone needs to access this box quickly?

 Soon to be the home of K.T. Graham

 Along the side: a temporary shelter?

 In Columbia parlance: a "burn barrel"

 Signs of decay

 There are many of these markers around town. Most of them contain +s. This one has a -.

 Break out the muzzle!

 Sign of spring

 Dirt-filled pot on a chair - 
What about it?


 As in - never?

 Lucky folks

 Fire at the bottom of Manor Street, also known as the sun

Places downtown


 One guy in the hole with three "advisors" watching

 The opposite of the universal gesture

 A bit out of town, but this is what happens when reality doesn't agree with expectations.

 Out for a walk

 Sidewalk work

 Memorial graffiti where he was lost May 7, 2010

 Hurt fence post

 Notice of eviction

 409 Walnut

 Meanwhile at 433 Walnut - four mailboxes and a Knox Box

 Sticker shock!

 Soon to be for sale on Chestnut

 Billowing across the bridge

 Heavenly horse?

 Yellow submarine?

 The fence along Linden that was damaged by high winds a few weeks ago - now secured with washline rope. What could go wrong?

 More signs of life at CMX (formerly Colonial Metals)

 Movin' out?

Pilin' up?

 More contributions to Mattress City, USA, aka Columbia

 This one's been in Avenue I for close to two months.

 More of the same

 Here's a couple of sofas.

 Here's one on Locust.

 This is right across the street on Locust.

 Down at the Living Stones operation . . . 

 Sacks of stones

 Sacks and sacks of stones

Canada geese and tundra swans traveling together

 More traffic troubles on the 300 block of Cherry
[Submitted photo]

[Submitted photo]


Anonymous said...

Great pictures

Anonymous said...

I wish you could take a picture of the sign from 441 and 30 that says trucks are prohibited through town. Thing is you cant. Why is it not there. Trucks could be ticketed as money for the town

Anonymous said...

I thought cherry street is residental.

Anonymous said...

And they say the cars are double parking all the time, I am glad I don't live on Cherry st , I would be calling the police all the time.

Anonymous said...

Code calls for a railing at 433 walnut , and at 22 and 24 s 2nd street , SLECTIVE ENFORCMENT AGAIN , only Columbia can have a blind eye for some but not others.

Anonymous said...

people are double parking all over town. Most of the time there is an open space right beside them.

Unknown said...

Take pictures of Columbia high school.

Anonymous said...

a simple parking solution is to make the main streets one way and make rows of parking

Anonymous said...

The couch on Locust St. is waiting for the next parade

Anonymous said...

this is a SLAP in the face for all people that were made to install rails on homes almost 100 years old and some don't , even if they have a public coffee shop, the codes dept is getting to be bull s--- , it should be every property or none.

Anonymous said...

It depends who you are , More SLECTIVE ENFORCMENT