Sunday, March 10, 2019

About Town 3/10/19

This week's photos from around Columbia
(Click/tap on photos for larger, clearer images.)

Giant cat face at the animal shelter-to-be

Here's a long view.

 Earlier this week

 Yep - snow again

 Part way down that sidewalk at the high school

 The work week: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday

 The great thaw

Looks like Living Stones Masonry got its zoning application approved for 53 North Front Street. Columbia Spy reported on it HERE.

Skids full of stones were unloaded on Friday at the former home of Take Away Refuse.

 Here's a look inside the building.

 And a look outside

 That can't be right - a downspout but no gutter to empty into.

 Mr. and Mrs. Merganser

(Hotel Locust)


 Giving the evil eye in a sidewise glance

 Photo of a photographer

 Giant fruit fly invades town.

 Happy guys from across the river

 There go those ethereal tundra swans again.

 And here are some lowly Canada geese, with a seagull trying to blend in.

 He happens to be an amputee.

 Water leaking from an electrical box

 That can't be good.

 Foggy tree line

 And another - with a soft glow in the middle.

Here's a long shot.

 Tundra swans yet again

 More tundra swans

 And a few snow geese thrown in for good measure

 Huge tree root causing all manner of trouble on the 500 block of Chestnut

Time to drug test that snake?

Everything but the kitchen sink.
On second thought, there might be one in there.

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