Monday, March 25, 2019

60-year employee at Anvil International in Columbia plans to 'get up and go' in retirement | Local Business |

When Dennis Wood wakes up on Monday morning, April 1, he'll do something he hasn't done in 60 years.

Not go to work.

Wood, who got a job in 1959 at what was then Grinnell, has worked since then at the Columbia manufacturer of iron pipe fittings and couplings. The plant now is named Anvil International.

During his six decades at the company, Wood has never taken a sick day, only gone on a handful of vacations and was absent only two weeks during a companywide strike in 1987.


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Anonymous said...

Remarkable feat to be able to work that many years for same organization. And to do it with no sick time and little vacation. I salute you Sir.