Sunday, February 17, 2019

About Town 2/17/19

This week's photos from around Columbia
(Click/tap on photos to see larger, clearer images.)

Uninvited guest

Watchful eye

Watching from a distance

A little further back

 Musser's Market - gone but not forgotten

 At Glatfelter Field

 Fading away

 The beauty of rust

 There is reportedly only one Columbia keyholder, but is it the right one?

 Bales on the road at the old Gulf station
[Submitted photo]

 Ghost horse?

 Back to the old grind

 Lions under the weather, as in weathered

 Commemorative walkway

 Sign down!

 Another sighting of the elusive spoonbill flamingo

 Snake suffocating from a seizure

 An omen?

 Another omen?

 Snow for sale
(We might have all we need in the near future.)

 So, there is such a place.

Big rock

 So, why is there an island in Shawnee Run?

 Tundra swans whooping it up

 Another way to fix a utility pole


 Top of the heap

 More whoops

 Sorta roofin'

 Valentine's Day

 At last look, still there

 The lights are gone.

 Flower power

 Diggin' the day

 Watch those allergens.

 Good Samaritan

 Obedience training

 People lined up this afternoon (Sunday) to receive food items from Columbia Presbyterian/Hands Across the Street. Sometimes folks need a little help. Tax hike apologists would do well to remember that $12 a month does make a difference to some people.


Anonymous said...

Nice that the church has these events for those in need but see a couple folks in line that have money for cigarettes and alcohol. Priorities. Also seem like the key holder to the railroad Depot was there this afternoon.

Catherine said...

There are no rules on giving....walk in Love....

Radical rag said...

I know when i went by i had taken notice to a few people standing in line with brand new 150$ air jordan shoes on,, how poor can you be if u have the expensive clothing on??

Anonymous said...

Have you ever experienced true hunger?
As for taxes 90 percent of those in line are renters or homeless who do not pay tax

Anonymous said...

5 photos of the hungry?
Why do you make that a spectacle.

Anonymous said...

The key holder should pay his taxes and borough liens.

Anonymous said...

Actually those affiliated were also taking photos.

Anonymous said...

So rent never goes up to cover landlord's taxes? Interesting.

Anonymous said...

Great job on the pics , this shows that the great 7 don't care about the people of this town, the hot head wants his agenda and the puppets just shake there heads yes. $12 can buy food for a family meal , but council wants street lites on a state road .

Unknown said...

Has anyone done the math in terms of what's collected and what's doled out?
Don't point fingers until the numbers are in.

Anonymous said...

The Keeley Stove from the Market House that is behind those doors needs returned!

Anonymous said...

Taxes put these people one step farther away from home ownership.

Howard Stevens said...

I remember getting gas at the Gulf Station many moons ago, also remember the Movie man there also, Eric white

Anonymous said...

They show nothing like that. Come on!! The only reasons these pictures are up there so people can advertise the good they do. Charity is supposed to be done in private. If you need a pat on the back then it really isn't done out of love just looking for praise!

Anonymous said...

They show poverty and council shows NO CARING FOR THE PEOPLE …...

Anonymous said...

long lost stove???