Sunday, February 3, 2019

About Town 2/3/2019

This week's photos from around Columbia
(Click/tap on photos for larger, clearer images.)

Soldiers of Light assembled at Columbia River Park on Saturday afternoon.

 Walking down Walnut

 The afternoon's workout included car pulling.

 Hard work!

 A test of strength

 Good weather for pulling a car down by the river

It might also be a good way to save on gas.

Once around the park!

 Wrinkled old tree at Rotary Park

 Animals bore the brunt of the latest snow.

 Railing about snow does no good, so here's a railing with snow.

 Map of Snowville, PA

 In general, good fences make good neighbors.

 Have a seat, but not here, of course.

 Like the sign says

 Piercings and tattoos available

 In the middle of the night on Locust Street.
(Actually, the time was an hour earlier than what the clock shows.)

 That's a good deal!

 Chimney built by Morlocks?

 Ebony and ivory
Live together in perfect harmony

 Gazebo crown

 Uh-oh, Kline's Septic down at the water company.

 Passenger car down at the tracks

 Ready to blow

 Front view


 Too close for comfort

 There it goes, on down the tracks.

 Broken but not defeated

Ornate architecture at the 4th Street firehouse

Here's a closer look.

 Broken-up camo fish, for some reason

 Splitter on the window sill

 Out the door and into the alley

 Down for the count

 Shadow car on South 2nd 

 Norfolk Southern worker on the job

 Kubota on the sidewalk

 There it is at 4th & Locust.

 Shifting the load on Locust

 Meanwhile, in Tombstone


 St. Francis embracing a clump of snow

 On track

 What was once a waterfall is now a snow dam.

 Out across the piers

 This red-tail wasn't bothered by the snow at all.

 Towards the vanishing point

 St. Peter's/Our Lady of the Angels

 Snow-capped Buddha

 Snow-covered . . . whatever this is

 We are fortunate to have the world's most beautiful bridge.

Snow clumping along shore

 Borough vehicle half in a handicapped space. So, does that count as half a violation?
[Submitted photo]

Bad form, old man, bad form
[Submitted photo]

 Dawn on the Susquehanna
[Submitted by Todd Stahl]

 Historic conveyance
[Submitted by Todd Stahl]

[Submitted by Todd Stahl]

A little closer
[Submitted by Todd Stahl]

 Another look
[Submitted by Todd Stahl]

And last but not least . . .

 Kids on ice
(Sunday morning)

 Yep, they'll do it every time.

Thanks to Officer Brent Keyser for getting them in off the ice.


Anonymous said...

Ron Millar was at the black olive that morning for an hour on borough time again , he must have been hungery to take 2 spots and 1 a handy caped, a ticket should be sent to the borough for a couple hundred dollars, they do it on locust street.

Anonymous said...

Ron Millar and Lutz have the same mind set , parking rules are for common people only.

Anonymous said...

Great job Cole and Sharon

Anonymous said...

How many trucks and cars does the borough have now?

Anonymous said...

Just wait tell the judge sees pics of the too faced mayors parking at the next ticket fight.

Anonymous said...

They at the olive say he doesn't tip either, so expected , and the handy cap space is a show of the borough thoughts towards people. These people have gotten so full of themselves ,it is beyond funny. MORE LAUGHTING STOCK , THEY ALL NEED TO GO.

Anonymous said...

I seriously can not believe that one would get out of a vehicle, see how it is parked and not rectify the situation! I mean, it is just wrong for anyone to do that, but a public official, in an official vehicle!!! No common sense, rude and arrogant!

/2 said...

Magnificent bridge.

Anonymous said...

Exactly...the handicap image painted on the asphalt is faded and could easily be missed and since there is no sign it couldn't be enforced yet the white stall lines are very clear. I agree, I would get back in my car and park within the lines...this is either laziness or arrogance.