Sunday, February 10, 2019

About Town 2/10/2019

This week's photos from around Columbia
(Click/tap on photos for larger, clearer images.)

Don't put this stuff away just yet.
(More snow on the way?)

Hood ornament on a hearse

 There's the hearse now.

 Even before this week's big announcement about Colonial Metals, we noticed the sidewalk there had been cleared in anticipation of something (?)

 Nabbed one!

 Support the arts in Columbia.

 Rustic simplicity?
(Bootleg Antiques)

 Much bamboo growing and growing

 What's that doing there?

X really does mark the spot.
But what spot?
Markers like this appear on various sidewalks in town, mostly near intersections on Walnut Street.

 Photo event at the Take Away Refuse building

 According to Wikipedia:
"Lane splitting is riding a bicycle or motorcycle between lanes or rows of slow moving or stopped traffic moving in the same direction. ... Lane splitting means riding between two lanes of vehicles, while filtering can also refer to using space on the outside edge of same-direction traffic."

 The crossing to Columbia Crossing

 Large beer can with contents removed

 So why is all that debris piled in Shawnee Run at Route 462?


 Maybe someone didn't like the sign.

 You can try it, but you might face charges later.

 Free mattress in Avenue I

Another sign of impending snow?

And now for a short history lesson...

And ... far too many photos of last week's river conditions...

Bridge rehabilitation is projected to begin in 2022 - and not a moment too soon.


Anonymous said...

Comments on the photos and the commenters
Hypocritical. Hateful
Unpolished. Stuck
Common. Uncultured
Rude. Tasteless
Arrogant boring
Cynical. Pompous
Blind. Proud
Envious. Uneducated
Immature. Pathetic
Archaic. Hindering
Stunted. Greedy
Pitiful naive
Dated . desperate
Negative. Damaging
Jelous . Prejudice
Narrow minded . Cheap
Misinformed. Gossip
Lazy. Insuting
Nothing positive a few are some of the 7 deadly sins

Anonymous said...


Sharon Lintner said...

Might want to try learning to spell some of the words you are using. Why are you bothering to comment or view photos if this is as bad as you say? Big words, small mind.

Anonymous said...

What are you even talking about? Yours was the first comment 9n this post.

/2 said...

I only come up to those standards on my good days; the rest of the time I’m a right b*****d.

/2 - al dodson

Anonymous said...

Your river photos are beautiful. Impossible to have to many.

Anonymous said...

You tell them Sharon. You and Cole do a great job showing pictures around town. If they don't like them they don't have to look at them. Keep up your good work!

Sharon Lintner said...

That's a good one Al!

Anonymous said...

Somebody just got a new thesaurus.

Anonymous said...

It must be one of the 7 gods of Columbia, and they are showing what they learned from the president , with nodding there head YES!!!

Anonymous said...

Well said , thanks Cole and Sharon

Anonymous said...

Only one thing is wrong with the councilor list; cheap maybe with there own money but NOT the tax payers money.

Anonymous said...

What happened that Steve Kaufhold quit ?

Anonymous said...

This is the council man trying to express himself before drinking.

Anonymous said...

The first comment don't let your jealousy show to all. You probably couldn't keep up with the Spy with your intelligence.

Anonymous said...

Well to read the first line, these words are being used to describe the comments of the photos (previous?) And the commenters themselves not of the photos(?)

Anonymous said...

Rest assured it was not a council member

Anonymous said...

He resigned,got a better job with the county. Interesting timing on that one....