Saturday, February 16, 2019

50 vehicles found with out-of-date registrations, some not inspected | Columbia Borough Police Department

Attached to this post is a document that some people in town will find under their wiper blades to let them know that their registration is out of date and their vehicle needs to be re-registered with PennDOT. If you get a notice on your vehicle, please stop at a notary or visit PennDOT's Driver and Vehicle Services webpage to renew. The webpage to visit is

Approx. 50 vehicles were posted overnight between 02-15-19 and 02-16-19. Some of the vehicles posted were not currently inspected as well. Unfortunately the state is no longer handing out registration stickers so make sure if you change your address, you change it with PennDOT as well so they know where to send your renewal notice to. Your registration date and inspection dates will most likely not match up as well.

Have a safe day!


Anonymous said...

Wow I know the police car has a cam that reads the plates , but the officer has to get out to ticket the car, busy those nites.

Radical rag said...

I seen a car up the street from me, that had a paper on it, the car is out of inspection, so the police can actually have that towed off of the street per boro code????

Anonymous said...

No, its not that easy. Under PA vehicle law if would have to be there for 48 hours then the police would have to send notice to the owner allowing them 7 days to remove it.

Anonymous said...

it is amazing the amount of vehicles that are on our streets illegally.