Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Columbia Spy's Predictions for 2019

Following are our predictions for Columbia for the coming year. Some are educated guesses. Others are mere speculation:

• A business entity will take over trolley operation under contract with the borough.

• A business will request $400,000-$650,000 from the revolving loan fund.

• Assistant Borough Manager Georgianna Schreck will retire/resign.

• New Finance Manager Kyle Watts will move to another position within the borough.

• Four councillors up for election this fall will be swept out of office.

• Borough Manager Rebecca Denlinger will resign.

• Full-time Property Inspector Jay Frerichs will be promoted.

• A company will begin operation in some shape or form at the Colonial Metals site.


Anonymous said...

We can only hope your predictions come true.

Anonymous said...

The boro needs a giant overhaul , this is the 21 century not pre war Germany, stop the lies , hold people accountable , all people, get the dead beet of council,elect new people to the open positions, and a new honest mayor, a experienced management , cut out the fat out of the boro, let the money pit stand as it is , cut the 115,000 dollars a year for s/h, a long with numberous outer wastes, and stop the illeagel loans to there friends . they could pay norm m. the money we save to clean up the Lutz,Murphy mess.

Radical rag said...

Very well put!!

Anonymous said...

Well at least they should not have to pay S/H $15,000 to manager the trolley, unless the great 7 signed a lease for more than 1 year, but the way they do things we might have to pay for 10 years.