Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Columbia Spy's Predictions for 2019

Following are our predictions for Columbia for the coming year. Some are educated guesses. Others are mere speculation:

• A business entity will take over trolley operation under contract with the borough.

• A business will request $400,000-$650,000 from the revolving loan fund.

• Assistant Borough Manager Georgianna Schreck will retire/resign.

• New Finance Manager Kyle Watts will move to another position within the borough.

• Four councillors up for election this fall will be swept out of office.

• Borough Manager Rebecca Denlinger will resign.

• Full-time Property Inspector Jay Frerichs will be promoted.

• A company will begin operation in some shape or form at the Colonial Metals site.


  1. We can only hope your predictions come true.

  2. The boro needs a giant overhaul , this is the 21 century not pre war Germany, stop the lies , hold people accountable , all people, get the dead beet of council,elect new people to the open positions, and a new honest mayor, a experienced management , cut out the fat out of the boro, let the money pit stand as it is , cut the 115,000 dollars a year for s/h, a long with numberous outer wastes, and stop the illeagel loans to there friends . they could pay norm m. the money we save to clean up the Lutz,Murphy mess.

    1. Well at least they should not have to pay S/H $15,000 to manager the trolley, unless the great 7 signed a lease for more than 1 year, but the way they do things we might have to pay for 10 years.