Sunday, January 13, 2019


If you are interested in becoming a candidate to run for a council seat, please attend a citizen's meeting this coming Sunday for information about running.

The meeting is scheduled for Sunday, January 13, at 3 p.m. at 500 Chestnut Street.

All Columbia citizens are welcome to attend.


Anonymous said...

So here's what I want to know: As the ring leader here, if the Spy is against the recent tax increase, and programs to bring business to town, what is the Spy for? You have to stand for something right? It doesn't count to say things like "we stand for the taxpayers." I want specifics. How would you recommend balancing the budget without a tax increase? What would you cut? As explained by our elected officials, cutting the loan program wouldn't work. So what then would you cut? What kind of policies would you endorse to bring new business and jobs into the community? How would you develop recreational opportunities for residents? How would you attract new home buyers to town?

Joe Lintner said...

You're proceeding from a false premise. Columbia Spy is not a "ringleader."

Anonymous said...

Columbia Spy is like a newspaper keeping the citizens informed whats happening in our town or we would never know. We don't need a tax increase to lend money to someone to open businesses. There are also too many employees we don't need all those zoning guys and all the new trucks. Without some of this maybe the budget could be balanced. And the Knox boxes is a joke. Too bad people can't control their own properties without being told what to do. Cole and Sharon are the best things that happened to our community. Look how many people are behind them.

Anonymous said...

Look at the businesses that have already come here without programs to incent new business. The antique shops, the Kettle Works, Rockys BBQ,the Brew pub coming to locust st and others. However there are already programs such as LERTA and KOEZ. You already lost Kleen Rite who wanted to expand because I'm sure it didn't fit somebodys agenda.
Balance the budget by laying off the unnecessary new hires in the past 18 months and move the original employees of the sewer authority into those positions. If they don't like the offer, then they can be laid off.
New home buyers are not coming now with the highest taxes in the county. The opposite is what attracts new home buyers.
Push to get rid of all of the apartments and lower the number of section 8 options.
Lastly people can travel outside of Columbia to find recreational opportunities. Just like what we have now attract people from outside of our community. It goes both ways. As landlocked as we are, people can't expect we can have facilities to accommodate every recreation there is.

Anonymous said...

that layoff you are talking about doe's that include the new police officers that were hired in the last 18 months