Monday, December 3, 2018

Traffic Alert - Entrance to the Veteran Memorial Bridge - Toys for Tots drive to begin next Monday

The SWOX Toys for Tots Drive will begin on Monday, 12/10/18 at 6:00am (at the entrance to the Veterans Memorial Bridge) and runs continuously through Friday, 12/14/18 at 6:00pm.  Please be alert for vehicles entering the travel lane from the "jug handle" at the entrance of the bridge.


Anonymous said...

Cole....WSOX DJ's have been asking the viewers if anyone knows who owns the red truck that always sits there in the round a bout. They would like it moved to better facilitate the drop off area. Maybe if this gets posted, someone might know whos truck it is. Thanks

Anonymous said...

I could be wrong, at last years event, they only take toys that are New In Box, which I think kinda discriminatory, they'd get so many more toys, albeit used. Dip 'em in bleach

Anonymous said...

They used to collect used toys. I was part of the original toys for tots in Columbia. We fixed up what we could be we got A LOT OF JUNK!! It was sad.