Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Columbia holds public meeting about River Park redevelopment project

"We have a lot of ideas of how to celebrate what's so special about this place, not just Columbia as a town but literally this location because it goes back hundreds of years, thousands of years in terms of the history itself," said Andrew Schwartz of Redevelopment Columbia River Park. 



  1. Wow what does that do for the tax payers ? More taxes to foot the bill for out of town people. Paint your house make the town look good so we can RAISE your taxes , schools failing , little job force , high taxes , councils laughing stock ,now the borough doing illegal things . how can that raise my property value ? Councils farts are costing all of us . 6 million this year HUM

  2. A 130 foot hammock to hang from ?? Only if the great 7 use it first, we will leave it at that!

  3. Enough time money and manpower have been spent on the river park. Its time to make improvements in other areas of the town.

  4. Hey there will be a hotel to stay in for anyone who can't afford to keep their house any longer.
    Can't imagine who else will use that. ANOTHER tax INCREASE last night. WAKE UP!!!