Friday, December 21, 2018

Columbia Borough resubmits KOZ application to state | Local News |

The KOZ designation would provide a 100 percent exemption for real estate taxes for 10 years. The idea behind a KOZ is that the tax break will spur development in economically depressed areas.



Anonymous said...

Docs where wrong and late, Borough manager???????

Anonymous said...

Another borough manager fart!

Anonymous said...

I mean...come on, really? If we want to portray professionalism and start to spur economic growth, lets not run the town like a Mickey Mouse Club. There is no reason that such an important decision/application would not be presented on time. Now the LARGEST parcel that had a serious chance of attracting a large investor is out. Whether or not the property is suitable is another argument, but now we don't even get to pass go.