Sunday, December 9, 2018

About Town 12/9/18

This week's photos from around Columbia...
(Click/tap on photos for larger, sharper images.)

(Photo: Courtesy of Pam Cook)

In last week's "About Town," we mentioned a monkey owned by a couple of residents on the 400 block of Manor Street back in the 1960s. We incorrectly called it a spider monkey, but it was actually a capuchin monkey, commonly known as an "organ grinder's monkey." According to Pam Cook, a relative of the owners, his name was "Zippy." Zippy was born in 1964 and was the delight of the neighborhood, although he could be a bit rambunctious. He was known for jumping on people and mussing their hair, and on rare occasions causing minor injury. One sad day in 2007, however, Zippy was found on the floor of his cage, dead from natural causes. 
Rest in peace, Zippy.

 This angel at Mount Bethel Cemetery is holding what appears to be - a pacifier?

 Here's the other brick memorial walkway in town.

 Looks like Christmas in the air.

 Here's another sign of Christmas, as well as in the next few photos:

 Homer Claus at Geltz Gotz Goodeze

Baby on boards

 Church window at Columbia United Methodist Church

 Also at the Methodist church

The angel is watching over this group of friends.

 A closer look at the General Edward C. Shannon Armory, formerly named after one of Columbia's bona fide war heroes

 More Christmas lights . . .

 A good ol' Chevy pickup on Heritage Drive

 Side view of the same

 About to open at the former Prudhomme's - which was the former Rising Sun 

 Holding a wreath at the Holy Trinity Cemetery

 River of fog

 "You don't need a weatherman to tell which way the wind blows," but sometimes a dolphin helps.

 Tuned in

 Rusty logo

 Someone didn't use caution.

 At the mural: spelling error corrected.

 Sometimes a sidewalk is just a living room.

 Tearing down at Bootleg Antiques

Covering up at Bootleg Antiques

 Truck 80 about to ride off into the sunset

One of the Columbia Water Company's secret water tanks

 To make ends meet, Santa sometimes works part-time as a doorman.

 Trailer under the bridge

 Shop small.

 Santa's coming to town again to collect Toys for Tots down at the bridge.
 Yes, it stopped. It's not budgeted for 2019.

 About to install a wheelchair-accessible ramp

 Steam cleaning the sidewalk on Florence

 Laying it out in the 400 block of Avenue G

 Rollin' on down the tracks

Salem UCC

 Here's the cross.

And heres the datestone.

St. John's Lutheran
(Here and below.)

Another view

Church window

 Holy Trinity Church

 More of Columbia's many crosses

 The former home of the Columbia No. 1 Fire Company on Front Street

 It might be getting leased to K.T. Graham, depending on how council votes Monday night.

 The COLA building

 Two of the doors of Columbia

 The DAC

  At CHiPS

Ornate plaque at CHiPS

More CHiPS

Here's more Columbia history.

Here, too

 Church on the 200 block of Locust

This might belong to the church.

 What, already?

 The Market House might open again in 2019.

 People used to do this back in the day.


Just another day on Cherry Street
(Submitted photo)

 Golden light


 Hawk in the twilight

 Red-tails have been quite successful in the area.
They seem to be everywhere around here.


 One of their clocks

 Similar to, but different from, this one at 5th and Chestnut

Lots of leaves at Locust Street Park

 Fortunately, Park Rangers, the Lions Club, and high school students showed up to clean up on Saturday morning, just in time for Santa's arrival at the library.


Eric J. White said...

Ummmm...I think the cemetery statue is holding a "crown of thorns," not a "wreath?"

Joe Lintner said...

I think you're right. A crown of thorns makes more sense, but the crown looks more leafy than thorny.

Anonymous said...

The nice trailer is close to the river park , how can this be?????

Anonymous said...

No other parking places on cherry so double park. yup Columbia

Anonymous said...

Hey that trailer would make a great office for the mayor and the river park advisors but codes will want it painted.

Anonymous said...

What does codes say about the tank (possible boom ) on the porch, this is a real safety issue.

Anonymous said...

Wow council only took a couple years to see the trolley is another fart. Maybe the owner of Garth can buy and use it to pick up there customers.

Anonymous said...

Great job park rangers and lions club , it looks good , maybe the borough can hire you guys to do the drains because they are to busy at the money pit.

Anonymous said...

Good job Cole and Sharon , pics are worth thousands of words.

Anonymous said...

I am guessing the lot on ave g is going to be another parking lot .

Anonymous said...

This kind of thing has to stop , the last pic showed the whole street blocked, emergency vehicles have to go on these streets.

Anonymous said...

Hum Helm and codes STOPPED the bible church from painting , now the blue is only to the south west corner and stopped in the pic.

Anonymous said...

Sooooo........speaking of the trolley, where on God's green earth is it? Is it being used by others privately? If so, are we still paying for the expenses? Insurance? Maintenance? Gas? Driver?

Anonymous said...

It is not going to stop. Same thing happens on Union Street between Bully's and St. Peter's church. It's like an obstacle course!

Brian Long said...

Gee, remember the wild enthusiasm back in December 2016 ( about getting this great deal on a trolley. Then Chamber of Commerce director, Kathleen Hohenadel and borough councillor, Cleon Berntheizel, raved about the “classic” with only 53,000 miles. And it was a steal at only $39,900. Plus all the ancillary, subsequent and ongoing expenses.

Anonymous said...

Maybe they can sell it to Marietta. They have all those pubs it would be great for a pub crawl.

ColumbiaPa said...

I checked the trailer tanks they are current on their certification and stored empty.

Anonymous said...

WOW! - that's a rare camper !! - I haven't seen one of those in decades other then on E-Bay for $10,000.! That is a real piece of local History ( where did it come from ? - it sure doesn't look like it was towed in from far ?? ) - is it for sale ? - and How Much ?? - let's try to keep it in town - did really belong the Lutz Family ?

Anonymous said...

it would make a good homeless shelter - they are all full ! , also fits perfectly next to the clothing drop off

Anonymous said...

I am surprised that the teacher's increase did not make this blog. Also, the Columbia KOZ news ...

Anonymous said...

The camper trailer is apparently John Dolittles as it was seen out at his home. And the lot were it is presently is owned by his father. And yes with a little work it could be a real gem.

Anonymous said...

I heard that Time Capsule Auction at 207 Chestnut St. is going to put it up for absolute on-line auction soon.

Anonymous said... would make a nice camping history story !!